Friday, June 13, 2014

4 Semana

HOLA!!!! wow I cannot believe I am half way done. starting my 4th week. ahhh. anyway... this week was... wow so much. okay. ill see what i can remember.

yes i left the gates today!! the CCM is literally surrounded by walls... like we dont see any of mexico city.. we only hear it..(its crazy loud)... pero, today we went to the temple visitors center!! still bummed that the temple is closed.. pero.. esta bien. it was soooo fun. its a 45 minute drive so it was cool to see the city again. its crazzzyyy. hahahaha mexico is crazy guys. oh and there were only two districts going and guess who the others was?? Hermana Olsen!!! So yeah we got to take some pictures in front of the temple together. sooo cool. but yeah the visitors center is GORGEOUS!!! i love it. and the temple is way pretty. so yeah, today has been muy bien. i wish we got to do that more than once.

Okay so random story. totally saw a bird die the other day.. like it was so sad!!!! me and my companions were walking into our building for class.. when we hear a big thud!!! then i see something fall to the ground!!! I realized it was a bird.. a bird had just ran into the window and fell to the ground dead... it couldnt landed on us!!! so my first reaction was laughter... i was laughing so hard.. the birds are sooo stupid here, its not the first time ive seen one run into a window. but then i hear the trio of elders in our district running toward us.. they saw it too.. then i realized it was dead.. then elder raymond picked it up and put it in my face... and it was soo sad. hahaha poor birdie. but still funny. hahahah. 
okay so I seriously love the people here... i know ive said that a lot.. but i just love them. we had a lot of cool experiences in our district this week. they seriously are my family. and all the latinos here.. okay way cool. like i love mexicans. they are always so happy to see us americans and always love talking in english to us.. i just love it.
okay so i mentioned cool experiences.. well i am not going to lie.. i had a very very hard week. no worries, i am more than okay now. but lets just say i cried i think every day this week... some for just spiritual experiences.. but yes my district just knows im a cryer now. but last p day.. was really hard. after i emailed you guys.. i just felt like crap. and my companion found out her baby brother was born and died 5 hours later. and everyone else was homesick too. so then we had an amazing devotional on faith. then we all went back to our clase and had an amazing discussion which ended in our whole district just crying their eyes out. so yeah we had a crying fest, but it was so spiritual. i think we all felt the love of heavenly father sooo strongly that night. and it was so nice to know everyone was there for each other. but yeah i had a few other hard days... but it got so much better. like sooo much better. i started praying to heavenly father and he seriously helps so much. and i asked him a specific prayer on sunday... guys.. specific prayers work!!! wow. it was so amazing. i just love this work. i am excited to lose myself in it. and i can already feel it happening.. i mean i love you guys.. but i wanna get to the point where i just am thinking of my investigators and companions.
okay so thursday we had our first TRC!!! which is where they kind of teach you how to tract.. they bring people in to act like investigators and we just teach them one short message, one we think they need. but guess what happened at our first TRC.... Hermana Bernall brought in a REAL INVESTIGATOR!!!! like one she stole from the missionaries in her ward... thats how real... and us hermanas got to teach him!!! It was crazy. I cant believe i actually taught a real investigator. his name was ricardo, and he was the sweetest man. he was so sincere and i could just tell that he wanted to know so badly about the gospel. i was bearing my testimony to him and the spirit was sooooo strong. it was crazy. i love him so much even though i will never see him again. its just crazy feeling christs love for people. but yeah that was an amazing experience.
Agustin, and Mayra, our investigators.. are getting baptized!!!! they committed and have stayed committed so it is so happy. haha
some quotes from our amazing sunday. gosh i love sundays. this one was especially good, because it was a million answers to a million prayers. its so comforting to know heavenly father really does here my prayers.. i mean i already knew that.. but its a good reminder.!!
"a positive attitude is an eternal attitude." "if you arent happy now, you never will be. its not your circumstances making you happy, its your choices."
seriously, sunday was soo good. devo was amazing. i cant wait for devo again tonight. ah! okay wellllll i am going to try to figure out this mouse again and see if i can send pictures. i love you all so much!! I really am so happy here. i cant wait to get out in the field!
nos vemos!

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