Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hola everyone!! 

wow, this week flew by. but actually.... the days are weeks and the weeks are days. probably the most acurate description of this place. yeah, this week was a WONDERFUL week. wow. i feel like so much happened but at the same time...nothing. so here it goes.

first of all.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! love you so much dad. i hope you had an amazing day.(: you really deserve the best, i thought about you a lot on sunday.

did I tell you guys that i gave a talk in spanish last sunday? like a week ago?? i cant remember if i told you or not... but yeah that happened. it went well!!! you dont find out if you are giving a talk until he anounces them during sacrament meeting, so everyone prepares one. but yeah i have given one so far and i wont be surprised if i speak again on sunday. also, im teaching sunday school on sunday!! wish me luck! its on laws and ordinances. but its just with my district so i get to speak english... so yeah im not worried(:

OH MY GOSH, i almost forgot. last week... do you guys watch mexico citys weather at all??? AHHHH. last tuesday, at night... WE HAD A FLOOD. probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. ive never seen so much rain. i mean it storms every day here.... like down poors. but this time we were all sitting at devo, which was broadcasting from provo.. when we see everyone at the front being told to move to the back... the auditorium was flooding!!! but you know president pratt... devo went on. but then this is how you know it was bad... after devo THEY SENT US HOME EARLY!!!!! crazy huh!!!! i cannot believe it!!! that never happens. but yeah they told us to go straight to our casas... not even stop at the clase. there was about a foot of water in the street, so we all took our shoes off to walk home. it was soooo fun oh my gosh. my dress was sopping wet. ive never seen so much water in the street. haha it was crazy!! i will try to send pictures... funny story... i lost my camera cord... can you send me a new one with the other stuff to the mission home?? but my companion said i can use hers so hopefully that works.(: but yeah. the pictures dont do it justice though, it was crazy.. wish you guys couldve been here!

so this week was amazing and i know why. i remembered grandpa telling me a story where my dad was having a hard time and then said it changed because he started being exactly obedient.... so i decided to try the same thing. i mean of course i was being obedient, but there is a difference. ever since i made that decision, and have been having specific prayers, i have been sooo happy. like the change is amazing. this really is gods work, and im so grateful to serve him. and its funny because right after i made that decision, elder houmand lead bom discussion with that topic, and it was basically everything i needed to hear. man the spirit is cool that way.

Also... mosiah 18:21... i think thats it.. we decided that is our district scripture. we were talking about it... and we seriously are family. these guys are my brothers and sisters. elder houmand said something that really got me thinking, and i totally agree. he said that we were probably all the best of friends in the pre life and that when it was time for us to come to earth heavenly father was probably like okay guys... i am gonna have to split you guys up for a little while,, but ill put you in the same district in the mtc i promise! hahaa i totally believe it. because we just have this bond like weve known each other for eternity. man. the people here are just great. speaking of that... our older district in our zone... 12b... left today:((((( so i had my first goodbye of my mission. it was SO HARD. seriously, i am going to miss those hermanas so much. i love them so much. but they will be great in the field i know it!!! hermana beatty is going to boston soooo olsens if you see her... say hi for me.(: but yeah are these goodbyes in my life ever going to stop?? obviously not. ah but its okay. elder mua'e left us with a quote... "we come as strangers, we leave as family" ahhh so true. but thats a good thing.

ohhh so i forgot to tell you guys! two weeks ago we got a new district right?? well there is a guy that is 26 in it!! how cool is that! seriously, i think its so good for him. i guess he went in active but then came back and barely made it. he turned 26 his 3rd day here... so yeah hes so lucky! but its weird because i know more spanish than him.. but hes like 7 years older than me! but yeah i just thought that was cool. 

oh and me and my companions just got put as the sister trainer leaders! super fun. we really just have to look after the girls in our zone and give them one on ones. we only have 2 right now, but we are getting 2 more this week!!!

friday, my district went on an english fast.. meaning we didnt speak english all day.. solo espanol. it was crazy! but we did it! pretty cool, but crazy hard! i still have soooo much to learn. i was pretty silent all day..

ohhh and we tried the most spicy guac ever in my life. my companions were screaming. some hermanas had us try it.. i cant even explain it to you. i didnt scream or anything, but my mouth was numb for like an hour after it. hahah oh mexico.

okkkayyyy lets talk investigators. mayra is doing great. but lets talk about agustin. we had so many amazing lessons with him this week. oh man, i love that man so much. he is so sweet. he is having a hard time at home and feels like his family and god hate him.. so basically every time we taught him this week out lessons went out and we taught with the spirit. its crazy how the spirit works. yesterdays was especially amazing. i just kept getting random thoughts and would just say them.. and i knew how to say them. agustin (hermano carmona) had tears in his eyes. so that was how real it was. it was amazing. and heres the best part. after it, during lunch.. hno carmona went up to hna simmerman and said "agustin is VERY pleased with you hermanas. you hermanas are doing a really great job." ahhhhh you have no idea how great that felt. when she told me he said that... i almost started crying. i love agustin so much. and i love hno carmona!! its gonna be so hard to leave my amazing teachers. seriously, they are amazing.

okay birthday shout outs! happy birthday to mckenzie this week!!! sunday right?? i think thats the 22. 19 yay! and then also happy birthday to nicole FRY! on monday. wooo love you guys. and also happy anniversary to my amazing parents on monday(: i hope you guys have a great day. you guys are the best.

okay so two chapters in the scriptures kind of changed my life this week, they were exactly what i needed. man. the lord is amazing. so you guys should read them. DyC 6! love that one, it has my mission scripture in it. and also, elder raymond shared this with us yesterday and it was exactly what i needed to hear... so go read it... 1 corinthians 13! both amazing. charity never fails. okay well i love you so much!!! i will try to hurry and reply to you all, you are all so amazing for writing me. les amo mucho!!!

okay sorry i cant get my companions picture thing to work... so i got no pictures for  you today:( lo siento!!!

Hermana Stokes
Sadie downloaded one pic from her companion's camera:


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