Tuesday, June 3, 2014

goin on week 3!

Wow, you are all so wonderful at writing me. I love you so much. this hour of email time is the most stressful hour of my life... I love it so much.. but time goes by sooo fast!! so if you dont get a reply this week, i am sorry! Im trying my hardest!!!

last week there was sooo much i forgot to tell you... so i wrote things down this week. hahahah here it goes.
Okay so everyone speaks spanish here... even the bugs and animals. hahaa it is the weirdest thing. they all sound so different. 
I forgot to mention where my companions are going!! They are headed to antofagasta, chile! Pretty cool. I havent met anyone going to my mission.. but there are tonsssss of people going to cali here. elder raymond and elder houmand from my district are going to san fernando! pretty fun. Oh and another thing thats different here.... the food....wow. its amazing. hahah the candy is to die for. and their diritos are sooo much better here. oh they have this candy bar called a bueno bar and it is amaaaaazzzzingggg. I seriously wish you could all try it. but yeah I like the comedor food. Sometimes its weird.. and its funny cuz sometimes they try to make american food but they do it alllll wrong. hahahha. ohhh but they have a nutella and peanut butter bar and it is amazing. i eat a sandwich from there all the time. its probably bad.
So I love my branch. we just have two districts but we are getting another tomorrow!!! love love love the hermanas in it. we are all great friends. i also love our branch because we sing every night together... spanish hymns are amazing wow. I love them. my district is ALWAYS singing. and we have alll the harmonies too.. I think heavenly father put us together knowing we all love music. wow Its just amazing. I love it. We are singing for devo tonight, Im pretty excited. We also are almost all whistlers... hahahahha so we are always whistling. its great. usually im the only one like that.
We also probably pray at least 20 times a day... and thats not counting personal prayers.. .and every time we pray we kneel. the only time we dont kneel is when we are in the comedor.. which is because we are all eating. but yes we kneel every time and I actually love it.
I think my spanish is doing really well!!! I dont know.. remember Susi?? yeah well come to find out she grew up in the US and speaks PERFECT english. she is now Hermana Burnell and is our night teacher.. haha and now shes also Mayra, our new investigator who we havent taught yet. but yeah. I love here, and she asked me where I learned my spanish and I said school and she says its reallly good. then also we played a game for class the other day.... and we had to translate things and I was doing SO good!!! I was so happy. I was with Elder Gorham and Elder Raymond and after, Elder Raymond told me he was way impressed and that my spanish is really good. So yeah I think it's going well!! 
We stilll play volleyball all the time, and a lot of the guys tell me im really good so... you know... hahah jk. no but really its sooo fun. Today was way fun, I had sand all over me. haha.
OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU. While teaching an investigator I had the most embarrassing moment of my life.. I said you will be clean of all your pescados instead of pecados.... for those of you who dont know what that means.. I said you will be clean of all your fish instead of your sins. so yeah. everyone still makes fun of me for that, and I will never ever make that mistake again. hahahaha. But I decided I speak perfect spanglish... thats what all my prayers are.. I talk in spanish till I don't know it. hahah we all do it its so funny.
I bore my testimony IN SPANISH on Sunday!!!!! and the Branch pres came up and told me after how great my spanish is. I WAS SO HAPPY. Its amazing how much ive learned in two weeks.
DyC 6:36... my mission plaque scripture... has ended up being quoted allll the time. hahaha i love it. its a great one to live by.
Ahh but yeah I love it here so much. I love my comopanions... and I love my district. Someone once told my that your district in the MTC will be your best friends for the rest of eternity.. even if you dont see them again till the next life.. I totally believe it. I love them with all my heart. these guys are my family. Its definitely going to be bitter sweet when I leave. Its only been two weeks and I trust them all with my life. And I love my teachers. oh!! Hermano Soto has been our night teacher for the past 4 days!!! love him so much. but he is leaving us for the greenies that come tomorrow:((( But its okay cuz we will still see Him. I seriously just love everyone here.
The mission is so hard. I mean we are working straight 16 hour days.. with no breaks. our break is our 7 hour sleep.. if we are lucky. sometimes I find myself thinking what have I gotten myself into.. or I wish I was english speaking because then I could say all I wanted to say. But.. Then we have moments.. amazing moments.. that remind me while I'm here. Yesterday was amazing. We taught our new investigator, Augustin (Hermano Carmona).. and the spirit was so strong. Then later that day.. we had a BOM discussion with Hna Burnell and Hno Soto... it was amazing. I started crying haha. But the spirit was so strong... Gods love was felt sooo strong.. and I realized.. you know what. This is why Im here. This feeling is too good not to share with everyone. I cant wait to help people accept the love of God.. because they are missing out. 

Well I love you all so much!! Sorry for all the craziness... hahah like i said, its a stressful hour. okay love you and miss you xoxo!!

Hermana Stokes

Also the pictures are me and Hermana Olsen.. for those of you who dont know.. my cousin.. and a district selfie.. super fun.. and me and my comps before volleyball

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