Monday, July 21, 2014

2 months!!!

Today is my two month mark. whaaaat. I don't know about you guys, but time has flown for me. Especially this week!!! so much to tell!
Okay so this week I had way too much food. Like um... yeah its funny because last week we didn't have any dinners. well just a couple. but this week.. we had two dinners almost every day, and we got fed lunch and breakfast a lot too. ahh i almost died. Latinos feed us so much and I already really struggle with eating all the food... so imagine me eating two huge meals like that in a row! and i hate not eating all the food because i feel so rude. so this week i felt sick every night from stuffing myself full. ahhh the missionary life. hahaha but its okay. I am grateful for all the members who feed us with such wonderful food. (: the other day I actually had probably the best stuff ever. it was like this pasta dish with shrimp in it and it was so good. anyway. yeah. also, arroz con leche is amazing. i know that sounds weird.. but its good. haha.
Okay so wanna hear the best thing ever?? We went to teach the Garcia's the other day... they were watching Frozen in SPANISH. hahaha so when we walked in let it go was playing. so yeah first thing im doing when i get home is watching frozen in spanish. done.
Marcelino has a baptism date!!! wooo! august 9th. and he came to church on Sunday. He's really progressing, you can tell he really wants to get baptized. So excited for him! He's the best. And we are gonna have to talk to Letty and move her baptism date.. because she didn't come to church on sunday.. which means she doesnt have enough time to go to church three times befor baptism.. so we have to move it.:( And Carlitos is doing great!! looove him. He's the cutest. He's progressing really well.. and starting to think about baptism. I will attach pictures of us on here. He loves us. We are even his wallpaper on his iphone. haha its the best.

So we had interview with President this week! that was fun. Both him and his wife told me that I need to go to the doctor for my thumb... since I still can't move it... Sooo I have a doctors appointment today. we'll see how that goes.
Also, found out during the interview that its sooo hard for me to pray in english! hahah i kept saying y, and every phrase i thought of was in spanish. yeah it was hard.
Saturday I got my first OYM all by myself in spanish!! meaning i talked to someone all by myself in spanish and gave them a pass along card(: I was so excited! I also had my first conversation alone on the phone in spanish!! wooo!! Progress.
We went to the temple on Saturday! well I mean the visitors center. With Investigators and the branch. Carlitos came! perks of having a temple 20 minutes away. It was so cool. I still love that video about families so much. You guys should all go to the VC in SLC and watch that family video! its amazing and will make you cry.

YESTERDAY. Yesterday was crazy. it was good!! We met a guy and taught him on the street and have another lesson tomorrow... yay for a new investigator! it was way cool! He was surprised with my spanish when I told him I'd only been learning for 2 months. Then... we taught pablo. And Stephanie was with us as our member, and It was dark and we had to walk back to our car, so pablo walked us because he already doesnt like that we walk on monument alone, let alone in the dark... so anyway we were walking and this lady stopped us and started yelling at us saying she is a prophet like joseph smith. except reincarnated. and she started saying all this stuff about how she didnt read the bible she lived it. and how she knows too much about our religion that she wants to forget it. so yeah... that was interesting... the americans here tend to be kind of craazy... hahahah but yeah we were in shock. but all is well. haha.
Everyone here is finally starting to know and love me. meaning the members and stuff. I love it. yesterday we saw the espinozas and vanessa freaked out and ran and hugged me.. it made my day. because before I was just this new missionary.. now they all love me.(:
But yeah I hope you are all doing well!! happy birthday to Christopher Stokes tomorrow.. and also happy pioneer day this week!! enjoy east canyon...:((( hahah I want pictures! love you all!!!
Hermana Stokes

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