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Wow, another great week!!!

So... yeah last week I got an x ray on my thumb. found out... my thumb is fractured. Sooo yeah thats why its still not healed! because its not just a strain! but the good news is that he said its the good kind of fracture, and that its healing really well!

We had exchanges last week!! which means one of us goes with one of the sister training leaders, and the other stays here with the other sister training leader! so I went to san ramon with sister goddard, and sister wiser came to concord with sister cefalo.  It was so fun! I WAS ON BIKES. thats right... I rode a bike all day thursday in a skirt. hahaha. it wasn't too bad.. I actually like riding bikes so that part was fine... it was just that it was 105 DEGREES. oh man. I don't think I've ever sweat more in my entire life. haha but it was a cool experience.  I loved being with sister goddard. she is THE MOST amazing person ever. wow, seriously though,  I look up to her so much. I will send a picture of me on the bike.. and a selfie of me and sis goddard.(:  oh also, it was interesting teaching in english for a day. fun though! 

On exchanges with the training sisters.

Sister Goddard, my training Sister.

Minerva.  So cool story. last week. There was a girl on the other side of the street from where we were.  I had the thought that we should go talk to her. So I started walking across the street and told my comp we needed to talk to her. we did, and set a return appointment. I didn't think much of it. but then this week we taught her. it was the most amazing lesson ever. The spirit was sooo strong. and she told us that her and her husband have been looking for a religion to join, just weren't sure. and that us stopping to talk to her reminded her that god listens to her and cares for her!! ahhh!! AND we extended the baptism invitation and she accepted!!! well she said that if she keeps learning and knows its true. then she will get baptized!!! It was so amazing. I am sooo glad I followed that prompting to talk to her.  She is 8 months pregnant.. like shes due in a week... and she has a 7 year old. she is so cute, i hope we get to meet with her again soon!

Oh so I spoke in church yesterday! I was so nervous. But it went well! I think.. super fun. haha.  Also, so the high council man in our ward is american. he just knows spanish from his mission.  His daughter just left last week to the Mexico MTC.  So when he found out I just came from there... he was suuuper excited. and invited me and my comp to dinner. oh my. best. food. ever. hahahah it was roast and mashed potatoes and man, how i miss that meal. it was heaven. and i was so happy. and they are the cutest family ever, and it was just so fun.  they are the same as us. oldest, on a mission. then 2 girls, 16 and 13. then 2 boys. 10, and 6. so yeah.... it reminded me a loooot of our sunday family dinners. the little boy reminded me so much of benja. it made me happy. but yeah. that was just a highlight of my week that i wanted to share with you.(:

I still love the mission, and I definitely love this gospel.

Go read Alma 8:15.  Lets all be grateful this week and always have a positive attitude. (: 
I love you all!!!
Hermana Stokes

Ps I'm also sending a picture of me and the espinozas. I loooove the espinozas!! haha im standing next to Karina, who is the best. shes 20 and got baptized in feb. so shes just waiting for her year mark so she can go on a mission. She comes out with us all the time and is just the sweetest girl you will ever meet.(: this was after "por que yo creo" last night. a meeting where recent converts go and speak. from all over the mission. so its in oakland. super fun. they do it once a month! oh and sorry that the picture is yellow... haha

Service Activity with Hermana Arellano - Great time cleaning out the garage

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