Monday, July 14, 2014


So. Wow this week was good. I really just love the mission.
We went on a hike last p day for zone activity... um i almost died. haha i love hiking. but it was so hot and sooo long. But overall I really enjoyed it. getting to know the zone was fun! we have a lot of great missionaries here. Its weird being around missionaries that arent spanish speaking... haha because everyone is spanish in mexico so I was just used to that! but yeah its still fun. I have some sweet tan lines now. haha yay #missionaryprobs.
Okay sooo I love the people here. Oh we had a crazy night last week... this investigator we have.. well did have.. her name is Juliana. She is 24, and has 6 kids. the oldest is 9. yes you read that right. wow her life is crazy. we had a night last week where we went to visit her but she wasnt there she went out with her boyfriend and left her kids with her mom.... oh those poor kids. they have no discipline, and are crazy. I have been praying that she will realize she needs this gospel.
The food here is great!! its funny... the food people cook is definitely not american... but its also not what you would expect if i told you we were having mexican food. but pablo, one of our favorite members ever.. he is awesome.. he took us to an italian mexican place the other day. that was weird. then carlos, another one of our favorite members... took us to a mexican place the other day and it was the most amazing food ever.. man why dont we have real mexican restaurants in utah?? hha. but yeah food is good.. my problem is that i dont eat much.. i get full too fast. but i have to eat all the food cuz i dont wanna be rude... its soo hard.
CARLITOS. we have a new investigator!!! Carlos's son.. carlos. so they call him carlitos. which litterally means little carlos. he hates being called that though. but he is 10!! Caleb, his birthday is may 17th.. he is almost the exact age as you. its so fun because i think of you when we teach him. hes the cutest. he is really interested in everything. and he is so smart!! man i love him.
So we had zone training the other day... it was so great. everything i needed. i love this gospel. the spirit is amazing!
OH! we have a baptism date for Letty!!! august 9th!! i really hope it works out. i love her, she is the greatest. shes really starting to realize she needs this gospel.
AGUA. they make this thing here called agua. its really just a fruit with water and sugar and its amazing. i will make it all for you when i get home. pablo buys us fruit all the time so we use it to make agua. pablo also buys us ice cream and gatorade.. hahaha yeah he is the best.
So i was thinking about it this week... i live in a sketchy place! seriously, if I weren't a missionary and lived here, i would be scared to leave the house. but I honestly don't even think about it. apparently, the area that we are in the most often?? yeah the english missionaries arent allowed in that area after 7 because its too dangerous. but i guess since we speak spanish its okay for us. hahah. also, pablo gets mad when he sees us walking around because apparently its really dangerous.. not trying to scare you mom, i really am fine. like its not scary at all for me. i just think its funny because i know itd be a lot different if i werent a missionary!! But i love it here. Also.. americans are the mean ones. we got some meannnn things said to us by different men this week. but never a latino. interesting. 
THE GARCIAS CAME TO CHURCH. you have no idea how happy it made me. I love them and hope they get baptized soon. 
Okay well thats all. sorry that these are always so spazzy. hahaha time is rough. oh but heres a picture of me and my comp and diana and vanessa espinoza! the espinozas are my favorite recent converts. and i love these girls.(:
Hermana Stokes

Sadie answered a couple of questions that Rachelle had for her:

ive only had 3 meals with families so far here.... but this week we have food every day! um when pablo or carlos feed us, they take us out. but other families make things that i dont even know how to explain to you. but i like it all! 
6:30 excersize
7:00 get ready/eat
8:00 Personal Study. 
9:00 comp study
10:00 12 week since im getting trained... its part of comp study
11:00 language study
12:00 lunch
1:00-5:00 proselyting
5:00 Dinner
6:00-9:00 or 9:30... priselyting
then we just plan and get ready for bed and have bed at 10:30!

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