Thursday, September 11, 2014

a trio otra vez(:

Hello family and friends!!!

Well. This week was pretty crazy.

I went on exchanges! spent 24 hours in San Ramon with Sister Wiser(: it was fun.  Two highlights of that... we taught an english class to about 20 chinese old people.  it was the best ever. hahhah they are sooo cute oh my heck.  when sister wiser announced me as a guest teacher they just all started clapping.(: hahaha it was so fun.  but yeah, so it was cool.  they all know the basics of english.. i mean neither of us speak chinese. so we just help them, and they have devices to look up things when they dont understand what we are saying. but yes. i loved it.  
THe other highlight was Rashi, the STLs investigator. shes in her late 20s and came from india a little bit ago.  So her first language is hindi, and she has a very thick accent.  and she is the CUTEST. oh my gosh.  i just loved teaching her.  i think i have the best mission because i get to experience all cultures.  spanish, chinese, indian. yeah. i have it the best way.  but yeah. Exchanges were good.  then i come home and my companion tells me...

oh by the way we have to wake up at 4 in the morning tomorrow and go to oakland and we are going to be a trio. WHAT. so yeah, a lot can happen when you leave your area for 24 hours. hahah. but yeah, sister garcia, a sister in our district, went back to her home in texas.  so now we are in a trio with sister zarco! who is from el salvador! i love her soooo much! really though.  weve just been like this for 3 days, but we work really well together.  i love being in a trio again! its crazy, because we are covering two areas.  so we are always going from appointment to appointment, and stressing trying to get everything done.  but it is so fun, and we are definitely seeing the blessings from it.  i love it so much. plus, i think working this hard is just the best.  i really just love the mission. and there are tons of perks! like we get to teach the people in her area now! like cuco!! we get to teach him as a recent convert. its amazing. also, yesterday we added a new investigator.. one of our less actives sons, yahir. hes 11. I am getting so blessed in this area getting the opportunity to teach so many kids.(: i love teachign kids so much! heavenly father is definitely blessing me.  

also, yesterday we fasted with carlitos, so that his mom will give him permission to get baptized on october 4.  so yes, we have a baptism date.  i have faith that it will work out.

I am doing sooooo well. this week was great.  I am so grateful to be here. everyone is just amazing. thank you for all your love and support!!! my spanish is improving like crazy. it helps having a salvadorian companion.(: but right now, i talk a lot. its going great, i am so grateful.  

thank you all for everything! love you!!

Hermana Stokes

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