Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm finally getting a baby sister!!(;

Hello family and friends!

This week was AMAZING.

do you want to know why????


yes, it's true. I have pictures to prove it. oh my gosh and I am sooooo happy. like really. it was a miracle. he told us he still wanted to get baptized on the 20th, which we didnt expect. and then he worked in order for it to happen. when he got to the baptism, i started jumping up and down i was so happy. really though.  it was amazign.  I am so happy.  the baptism went really well. he asked carlos jimenez to baptize him.  it went so well! and then he got confirmed on sunday! it was amazing! I asked him how he felt and he said he felt so happy. after he passed his baptism interview he told hna zarco... "I feel so happy i dont even know how to explain myself. i just feel peace" ahhh and this is amazing for marcelino. he usually never talks. but he just kept saying how happy he was. and when someone asked him who was the missionary who helped him convert, he said "all three of them" that made my day as well. i love him soo much and i am so happy that he took this step to eternal salvation.

Also, funny note... me and my companions got stuck at an investigators house on saturday and soooo the baptismal font overflowed. hahahahahaha. Soooo me and hermana zarco had to put on baptism jump suits and get in the water to pull the drain then put it back in. hahahah it was hilarious and so fun. makes a good story(: hahaha i was laughing so hard.

yeah thats pretty much it. this week was really great. a lot of little miracles, the the huge miracle of marcelino.  ahhh i still cant stop smiling. so many blessings have come in these last two weeks from this trio. i love it.(: 

oh Transfer calls!!! i almost forgot! yeah, let me explain my subject of my message. hahah wellll now i am officially done being trained... and my trainer, sister cefalo, got called to train!!! wooo! and here is the best part... we are still staying together!!! woooo!!!! but they are reopening sis zarcos area, so we are back to only covering our area! so my address on fox way is still good! but yes. me and sister cefalo are going to be in a trio with my new sister... we dont know her name yet. she is a visa waiter, thats all we know. thats why we are still in a trio, because president wasnt expecting visa waiters. we pick her up on wednesday and i am so excited!!! so im technically not training.. but at the same time i am. hahhaa president told sister cefalo to have me help train(: so i basically get to learn how to train. haha pretty sweet! i actually really am sooo excited. it will be so great! and since we are back to only our area, i get to start riding my bike! yay!!! yeah, a lot of changes happened. like... me and sister cefalo are the only ones staying from our district. everyone else is leaving including sister zarco:( im so sad.  i am going to miss her sooo much! but we are getting 4 elders in so that will be cool. we will now have 4 elders and 3 sisters in our district! fun stuff.

but yep, thats it. everything is great and i am so excited for another transfer! it will be amazing, i know it! 

oh and i hit my 4 months yesterday... what. weird. hahaha. 

marcelino is the one on the end in the baptism picture. and thats carlos, who baptized him.
the other pictures are when we had to fix the font.. and also when we went to the visitors center again with some less actives and members and carlitos.(:

love you all!!!

hermana stokes

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