Sunday, September 21, 2014

best mission.

Dear Family and Friends,

Ah this week was so good! really, this weekend was so good! hahah. 

So Saturday, we had the latin america independence day party!  with the branch.. it was sooo fun.  I decided I have the best mission in the world.  Because everyone is from different countries.  So this day, is the day that they all get to celebrate their country.  So they all brought things from their country and set up tables, and also brought food from their country! so we just go to go around and try foods from all the latin america countries(: it was awesome!! Really though.  They also were playing music and they were all doing their latin dances.  It was really the best night ever, I couldn't stop smiling.  I love our branch so much.  I will be sure to attach pictures from it.(:

Sunday was also amazing.  Because... it was THE PRIMARY PROGRAM!!!!!! ahhhh favorite thing ever.  There were I think 16 kids.  Including Carlitos, who isn't even a member.   HAhah I was so proud of him.  He did so well!! Really though.. you know how every year the primary program makes me cry because i see my cute little brothers up there? wellll this one made me cry too. becuase i love all those little kids so much.  So every time they started singing i just started crying. they really are the cutest, and touched my heart.  and they sing sooo loud and good.  I think they sing just as loud as an american WARD.  Really though, I was amazed.  

Carlitos' mom... ripped up the permission slip and threw it away when he gave it to her.  So it is still a no on baptism.  BUT it's okay.  We talked to him and we are not going to lose faith.(: Heavenly Father has a plan.

We had 23 lessons this week.. this work with two areas is AMAZING.  We are definitely seeing miracles from the trio.(: I love my companions so much.  AND WE HAVE 4 BAPTISMAL DATES. WOOO!!! they are almost all for after the transfer.. so I don't know if I'll be here, but it doesn't matter! I am so happy that these people are progressing!!!

You should all go read Jacob 3:1-2.  I love them.

Thanks for all the love and support!! Les quiero y les amo muchisimo!!! 

Hermana Stokes

I will attach pictures to another email. its easier(: sorry, it just takes soo long.

This is Sadie's Bike.  She said she hasn't gotten to ride it yet so they must have a car since they are in a Trio and have to cover so much area.

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