Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another conference passed?

Hola family and friends.

This week was great!! we definitely saw a lot of little miracles, and I don't know about you guys, but I LOVED CONFERENCE. You should all watch it if you didn't get the chance to watch it this weekend.  I was blessed to be able to watch it in spanish.  We watched it at the chapel, and they had english in the chapel and spanish in the relief society room.  Since we didn't have investigators.. we watched it in english. except the last session our investigator carlitos came, but he wanted to watch it in english of course so yeah still english. but it was great! we actually went into the spanish room when they guy spoke spanish so we could actually hear him and not a translator. but that was really cool, even though i didn't understand much of it. hahah i got some of it, its just a lot harder to understand over tv for some reason. but yes, conference was so great!  it was so fun watching it with carlitos.  He was so interested and sat by me asking me questions the whole time.  "what does member of the seventy mean?"  "oh so hes an apostle?"  "when do we get to hear the prophet speak" "this is in utah?"  "can we go there?" hahah it was so funny.  he also lovees the music. like when the motab sang, he would ask me to find it in the hymn book, and he would follow along, whispering the words. he loves to sing, its adorable.

We also had an interesting day on Friday.. we were asked to go speak at a funeral. in spanish. me and sister cefalo. so yeah. now let me explain.  There was this boy, Nacho.  Yes, that is his name. Well its Ignacio, but they call him Nacho.  Anyway, he was 22... and got stabbed.  So sad.  But he was a member of the church, he got baptized 5 years ago into the Tongan ward. (they convert EVERYONE and just get translators)  soo yeah anyway, his family is mexican so they only know spanish.  They are actually former investigators in our area! but yeah, the tongan bishop called and asked if we would speak in spanish at the funeral about the plan of salvation, so that his family could understand.  Tongans are so sweet, they all knew where Nacho is, and they just want his family to know that too. So anyway, it was an amazing funeral.   It was in english, tongan, and spanish. haha bet you not many people can say that. anyway. sooo the program was in english, but all the music was in tongan, and then i gave a talk in spanish and so did sister cefalo.  The spirit was so strong. I was so scared to speak becasue of my spanish and stuff, but as i was looking at the congregation, even the tongans who couldnt understand me were looking at me so intently.  the spirit was so strong. it really was a beautiful funeral, and a cool experience.  we are going to go try and visit the family this week.  hopefully their hearts have been opened and maybe they will want to talk with us.  I think that Nacho definitely died for a reason, as tragic as it is.  we are going to ease into things though, by first just asking if there is any service we can do for them.

Also, a highlight of this week! the church is actually having all the missionaries see Meet the Mormons before it comes out! so we got to watch it this past week! it wasawesome! i don't know if you have heard about it, but it is a movie that goes around and shows 6 mormon families, just how they really are.  it is an amazing movie!! i suggest it to everyone! i want to see it again! ha it is funny, because they do things that you just laugh because you know it is sooo true.  also, its awesome because you can definitely feel the spirit a lot.  I think it's a great way to really show the world who we are.  So yes, everyone, go see it. it's awesome.

But yep that was this week! we also saw some great miracles.  Had some good finding miracles with actually setting up returning appointments! and we added a new investigator yesterday, who was a referral form our other investigators, the garcias! that was awesome. Her name is Gabby, and she actually has a lot of family that are members down in mexico! its pretty awesome! also, the missionaries visited her when she was little in mexico, and she wanted to get baptized when she was 9, but her mom wouldnt let her. she also dated a guy that left on a mission. so yeah shes really prepared. we just have to work through some drinking problems, but i am praying that it will all work out. she is awesome.

So yeah, that was our week! thank you sso much for all your love and support! i love you all!!! 

Also, I realized as we were leaving this morning that we havent took any pictures this week. so we quickly took some selfies this morning. hahah enjoy.(:

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