Monday, October 27, 2014



This week was great.  I dont really remember it actually... haha it went by so fast!

But here is the bitter sweet news of the week.... my companion sister story got her visa!! :( (:  haha. she will be heading to argentina a week from today! its crazy!!! but we are happy for her that she actually gets to go to the mission she was called to.  but everyone here is kind of sad. i am going to miss her so much! but yeah, it will be interesting to hear transfer calls this saturday because i have no idea what is going to happen.  

I spoke in church yesterday!! that was fun.  I think it went well.  I gave like an 8 minute talk on the pure love of christ.  so yeah i used a lot of things that i used in my farewell talk.(: but it went well! the members all kept thanking me for it and telling me that it touched their hearts.  and one of them congratulated me for my spanish being so good. haha so yeah i think it went well.(: i felt good about it.(: it was awesome though! i am so glad that i am more comfortable with spanish now.  i really do love spanish.

umm.. thats pretty much it.  we did a ton of service this week! it was fun.  we helped carlos move... it was the saddest thing in the world.  seriously, we have like 5 people we teach in that house.. and now they are all moving out of our area. and nico, the dog, is being taken away too.  i want to cry everytime i think about it!!! ahh im so sad.  i am going to miss that house so much!! but it will be okay. everything will work out.  

We found some more new investigators this week. right now its hard. because the only investigator that comes to church is carlitos. and he just cant get baptized because of his mom. then we have like 5 women investigators that are doing great.. they read their scriptures, they say their prayers, they believe everything we are saying.. but they wont come to church. and why wont they come to church? well they want to, but they all have husbands who wont go with them.  and they dont want to leave them at home or something? idk.  basically, all of our investigators husbands are causing them not to progress and its so hard because we really dont know what to do about it!  i mean.. how do we help them?  because like gabby for instance.  she told us she was going to come and we were so excited.  thennnn we get a text before church saying that her husband didnt go into work that day and then she couldnt convince him to come so they didnt come.  ahhhh.  what can we do about that? its just so hard because out numbers for investigators attending church have been so bad.. but i feel like we are doing everything we can! man. husbands.  hahah but yeah, hopefully it gets better.  Either the wives need to accept it and go to church alone, or the husbands need to try it out and come.  hopefully something changes this week though!

But yep, that is pretty much it!  the mission is still awesome! i love it so much.  seriously, i was just noticing how i am alwways happy.  i love that about the mission.  but yes.  everyone, have a great week!! i love you all!!! 

here are some pictures from por que yo creo yesterday! it is always fun seeing old companions, and hermana arellano(:

hermana stokes

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