Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello everyone! 

We had a great week here in concord!!! I love my new companion.  She is visa waiting to go to argentina buenos aires west! pretty cool.  She is awesome! she is my age, her name is sister story, and she is from nampa, Idaho! pretty cool.  II love her so much! her spanish is amazing! I'm impressed.  She was in the Provo MTC in the intermediate program. and she did two mini missions before her mission.. so shes basically pre trained.  

Sorry I don't have much time today, and i still need to write president.  but a couple quick updates!

Sister Story also sings! so yesterday for porque yo creo (why I believe) which is a thing we do every 4th sunday at the temple, recent converts come and give their testimonies! anyway. me and sister story did the musical number! it was super fun. we just sang acapella. but the spirit was sooo strong.

This week has been great.. for some reason, this week, my spanish has really started clicking.  I still have a lot to work on of course.. but like this week something is different. you can ask sister cefalo, she will testify to it. haha she is amazed every time we walk out of a lesson.  I talk soo much now.  but yeah. i love spanish. and yesterday i understood ALL of church. it was awesome. and one day this week we were teaching and i said something in spanish and after i said it i was like wait... i didn't even think about that! it was awesome!! Also, After sister story prayed the other day carlos told me she reminds me of me when i came... and that my spanish is amazing now.  and brother merrill, the High Council for the spanish branch.. yesterday we had a fireside with the stake president and the missionaries of the stake, and brother merrill bore his testimony and talked about how hes seen me grown so much in the past 3 months in spanish and other ways, and how it reminds him of his daughter.(:  so yeah pretty cool.

yeah, we also ate with the merrills yesterday! i love them soo much! seriously, their family reminds me so much of ours. hahah. dad did you get the pictures?  in those, the little blonde boy.. his name is colton. and he reminds me sooo much of benjamin. hes hilarious. they also have a 10 year old, thayne. and he reminds me so much of caleb. obsessed with basketball and knows all the statistics. he started talking about it and asking the elders if they knew certain basketball players and i was like oh my word this is caleb. hahaha so funny.

alright wellll thats pretty much it! we saw a lot of little miracles this week! its awesome.  i love this work sooo much. the church is true people. 

Hermana Stokes
Here are some pictures.
The first is on transfer day.  With the english elders who covered the same area as us.  they got transfered. :( lame. and i also miss hermana zarco soo much.

the second is the bay. we had to drive around oakland last week for something and it was GORGEOUS.

the third is a funny story... we got a referral, went to contact it, no one was there, everything was fine..we left a note. went back a few days later.. and this sign was there. hahahaha people. no worries, we didn't knock. or go back.

Here are the pictures of me and my companions! and some of the merrill kids!! the cute blonde is my new comp, hermana Story.  but yeah.  Here you go people. Enjoy.(:

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