Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola, como estan?? ojala que todo este bien con ustedes.(:

Okay so actually today is not my p day.  But we were given an hour of email so that our families don't freak out and think we died or something.  (:  but my p day is Wednesday because we are going to the temple!!! Oh my goodness I am sooo excited.  I love the temple.(: best thanksgiving ever.  But yeah,  I thought while I was on I would write a quick weekly email.

This week was great! Honestly, it was a little slow.  I have learned that missionary work is kind of hard around the holidays.  People are soooo busy!  But nevertheless, it was still a great week.(: 

I honestly don't know what to write about.  My companion is amazing.  We are the best of friends.  I know I was put with her for a reason.  We really just love each other so much.(:  We get so excited over the littlest things, and it's hilarious.(:

WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH.  Okay, so you guys don't understand how hard it is to get people to church here.  Like it was already really hard in concord, where the church was 5 minutes away.  Now I'm in a harder area, where the church is 20 minutes away.  Yeah it is sooo hard to get people to church.  So when Tena came, we were pretty feliz.  And Tena is just amazing!!! he is progressing so quickly and I hope it continues.  He told us he really wants to know for himself if this church is true, and he knows he has to try It in order to receive a testimony.  So he commited to follow the word of wisdom and everything!! He is so awesome.  He loves the members and really likes the feeling he feels when he learns about the gospel.  He definitely has been prepared by the Lord.

We also had a ward thanksgiving dinner this past week!  Oh my goodness it was so fun!! Seriously, everytime I go to a latino party, I just realized that I've been a little ripped off being American.(; hahah nah just kidding.  but latino parties are the best.  They just all dance and its hilarious.  Even Elder Bailey was out there dancing, trying to drag his wife with him.  It was so funny.(:

Also, yesterday I had the awesome opportunity of going to Angel's Santa Cena.  Angel is a recent convert who can't go to church because of his kidney dialysis.  Oh my goodness he is so amazing.  Every Sunday they have their own Santa Cena... uhh... Sacrament is what it is in english.  With just some members of the ward, and the baileys, and the other missionaries switch off every week. so we were there yesterday.  Seriously, I don't know if I've ever felt the spirit so strong during the Santa Cena.  And I definitely haven't seen many people who understand it as well as Angel.  It was amazing to see him, so humble, praying with all his heart to his Heavenly Father.  It reminded me how blessed we are to have the santa cena.  Jesus Christ, our brother, suffered everything for us so that we can be clean of our sins every week.  We are so blessed.  I challenge you all to really focus on Jesus Christ during the santa cena this week.  Really talk to your heavenly father and focus on the feelings you feel.  I can promise you that you will feel God's Love. (:

Yep wellll, this was my week.  it was a great one and I know I have another great one to come!  Happy Thanksgiving and also happy birthday dad.(:  enjoy eating turkey all day for that.  Have a great week everyone! count your blessings.(: be grateful!

Hermana Stokes

Ps read Mark 8:35 y Mark 11:22-24.

I figured it out! here are some pictures!! one of me and my companion the day we walked for hours in the RAIN!!!! yes it rained!!! I was sooo happy!!! I missed it.  but California rain is really wimpy. hahah it was weird. but good.  I liked it.(:

and a picture of us and angel at the party!!! hahaha we told him he had to smile and this was the result. oh my goodness I love him.  weird thing, but he actually reminds me of my grandpa major.  I mean those are memories from when I was 4, but something about him really reminds me of him.  mostly how he looks.  and his smile.  idk.  I could be wrong. but I like it.

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