Monday, November 3, 2014

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Hola Hermanos y Hermanas.

Oh my goodness do I have a lot to tell you!!! For those of you who don't speak spanish... that says Miracles, Beans, Changes.  Yep. That's my week.

So to start out I need to tell you..... we got transfer calls.  I am being transferred to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.  More specifically, San Mateo.  But I know none of you know where that is.(: It is a city outside of San Francisco.  Sister Cefalo started her mission there so she has told me all about it.   I am so excited.  From the moment I got my mission call, I wanted to serve in San Francisco.. and I think this is close enough.(: Plus I can go there on P days.  Woo. I'm excited.  Some other crazy news about that is that...  I'M GOING TO BE SENIOR COMPANION!!!! To a girl named Sister Hilton, who just came out one transfer after me.  So she just finished her 12-week training today.  I'm kind of scared.  Because I've been speaking spanish longer than her.  But i haven't met her yet, and I'm sure her spanish is awesome.  I'm soo scared but I know the Lord won't assign me to anything I can't do.. So I know I can do it.(: It is pretty crazy that i'm senior companion after only 3 transfers though ahhh.  And Sister Cefalo is also being transferred! to Brentwood, the end of the mission, to be sister training leader!! Pretty awesome.  

Okay now well I have a story for you.

I'm sorry if I've already told you some of this.  But 2 weeks ago we showed Carlitos the joseph smith movie.  After finishing it, he asked if he could take it home and show his mom to show her why he wants to get baptized. (so awesome)  so then he did, and asked her again.  1 week ago he came back with the report, that she said no.  Like no hesitation or nada.  Then.  Monday night.  Carlos, his dad, comes to FHE.  And tells us he has some news... and tells us... CARLITOS MOM SAID YES!!!!!!!! AND THAT HE COULD GET BAPTIZED!!!!!! My heart stopped when he told us... and I just started bawling.  Hahah it was really funny because everyone in the room thought something bad happened but I was like no carlos is getting baptized! I'm so happy that I cant stop crying!  so yeah  we pulled a baptism together in 6 days and CARLITOS GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! Definitely the biggest miracle of my mission.  It was crazy.  We are still in shock by it, because it happened all so fast.  Its just crazy how Heavenly Father's plan works.  Because his mom said no.  But then it's like, Heavenly Father knew we were getting transferred.  He knew Carlos needed us to be here when he got baptized, and he knew we needed the same thing.  So he made it happen.  It seriously is such a tender mercy that I got to see his baptism.  I know that I was here in concord for carlitos.  For other people too, but I know for him.  Heavenly Father really does have a plan.

So Yeah it was the craziest weekend of my life!!! Friday was halloween! we had to be inside the house at 6.  Because you know... yeah sketchy if you are outside on halloween here even before 6! I can't imagine what happens after.  And then we had to deep clean our apartment.  Andddd right before this.... we were taking some beans home from dinner.... THEY SPILT ALLLLLL OVER.  oh my goodness i've never seen so much beans in my life.  And it was all over the back seat of our new 2015 corolla.  Yeah it was sad.  But after spending a lot of time cleaning it,  It looks okay now.(: No worries.  but it made some good memories.(:  Anyway.  Then Saturday was the baptism! it went so well! Carlitos and his dad Carlos were SOOO happy. oh my heck I have never seen a 10 year old so happy.  Then Sunday.  Sunday was ahhh emotional.  Because we knew we were leaving.  And I kid you not.  Every single person I saw, I just started bawling.  But Let me tell you, our branch is amazing.  They said theeeeeeee sweetest things to me.  They really are the family you need on a mission.  I really got taken care of here.  Actually, I am sorry to say this... but yesterday only I cried more than I did when I left home.  My heart is broken to leave this place.  But I know it's the will of the Lord.  Everyone is soooo mad that all three of us sisters are leaving.  hahaha they were like what!? they are taking all three of you!? it was sad.  but they understand.  Pablo and Carlos are mad though.  Anyway,  Carlitos' confirmation went great too.  And after, he whispered to us "I'm finally mormon"  it was the cutest thing ever.  Seriously, he was so happy.  I can't even explain to you all the feelings I felt yesterday.  Saying bye to carlitos was the worst thing ever.  He was sooooo sad.  Oh my gosh.  I hope the elders take care of him....:( ahh he will be okay though.  The Lord has a plan.

Then after all that emotional day we had to bring Hermana Story to oakland.  She is on an airplane to argentina now.  ahhhh so sad.:( why does life have so many goodbyes?! 

I can't express to you all the feelings I am feeling right now.  I am so excited to go to San Mateo, But I am so sad to leave my concord.  I feel like I will be leaving my heart here too.  I love these people soooo much.  And the way they care about me is just amazing.  I haven't had to say goodbye to the Espinozas yet and I don't even know how I'm going to do that.  AHHHHH.  goodbyes are hard.  But I know that the Lord has a plan, and I am so grateful to him for the baptism of Carlos Allen Jimenez.  I know it will be okay.  He needs me in San Mateo now.(:

Thank you all for your prayers and support! I know that it's partly because of your faith that Carlos was able to get baptized.  I love you all soooo much!! thank you for everything!

And remember,  since I'm being transferred.. don't send anything to my concord address! send it to the mission home! i will let you know my new address soon.(:  

Hermana Stokes

ps read DyC101:36

here is a district picture at our last district meeting!  And one of us on halloween.. yay mustaches.  and one of us with stephanie for the last time.:(

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