Monday, December 1, 2014


Hi family y friends..(:

This week was a great one!!! It FLEW by. seriously. I can't believe it's already Monday again!!! weird. anyway.  Wednesday we went to the temple! it was so amazing.  I love the temple.  It was so cool. Ah I just love it. After the session, as I was sitting in the celestial room, I was just thinking about how amazing It's going to be when we get to be in the celestial kingdom just waiting for our family members to join us.  Everyone is so happy and hugging.  Man. the second coming is going to be amazing.  The temple really is amazing.  It is a feeling you can't feel anywhere else.  I have never felt so close to God as I do in the temple.  My challenge for you all this week is to go to the temple.  If you are not endowed, go do baptisms.  If you can't do that, work on getting your recommend.  really, the temple is the most amazing place on this earth.(:  I hope that everyone can go someday!!

Thanksgiving was GREAT!!!! so fun. I don't think I've ever been so full. Our dinner appointment with a less active member Sandy wasn't until 6.  So we spent the day talking to people and getting other things done. then at 4 we went over to the baileys where they fed us pie.  they fed 9 of the single men in our ward. haha it was crazy! so they were all still there, and we played some games! hahah we played this one game.. I can't explain it.. but it was hilarious. because the latino men COULD NOT get it. hahahaha Angel and guadelupe were the beesssst. I really don't think I have laughed that hard in a looonnnng time. hahaha. then we went to Sandy's! Most Hispanics don't like turkey.  but they do adapt to our holiday here because I mean, they love holidays. so we had ham, chicken salad, instant mashed potatoes, pasole, and tonnnns of other little things. it was definitely the most different thanksgiving dinner ive ever had. but it was good. and I was soooo full.  Sandy is the best though. I love her. then we went back to the baileys and just talked to them and the elders for a while. the baileys really are the best. they are like our grandparents. I love them.(:

Funny story. a man we talked to on the street thought we were from spain.  First of all, is my Spanish really that good? second of all.. Can't you see my blonde hair and blue eyes? obviously not. hahah no but really its actually funny because people never understand how we speak Spanish if we are from here.

We had a way cool miracle happen yesterday!!! Okay so it was pouring rain.  But not really pouring Utah style.. it was pouring for California which is like nothing. but still. we were wet. we didn't have an appointment so we just were walking around, visiting formers, following the spirit. my companion has the thought to walk down the street a little. we did. we saw a lady and I was just about to talk to here just because that's what we do, talk to everyone.. so I say Hola como esta! and the lady just comes and hugs us. now at this point I was soo confused.  She starts going off on how great it is to see us.  So I asked her her name and she was like oh you don't know me? and I explained that we are new to the area and that she probably knew the last missionaries like us.  (we actually found out later that the missionaries she knew is Hermana cefalo! my trainer! super cool.)  anyway. so she tells us the missionaries taught her like 2 times a year ago and she wants to be taught again. I ask her when and she said when you want. so (since it was raining, and I didn't really want to be wandering around all night)  I asked if she had time right then. SHE DID. yeah I was not expecting that. so she walked us to her house and we had a great lesson with her! she told us her story and we have another lesson with her tonight!!! oh my miracle. her name is maria. and she is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens with her. She is amazing. It really reminded me of the power of God's hand in our work.  And how if he needs us to find someone at a certain time, he will put us in their path.  I wonder what would've happened to her if we didn't say hello.

So you are all probably wondering about my subject line.. well guess what kids. remember when the church did that because of him video for easter and it was super legit? well they are doing it for Christmas again. RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS.
Go to .  And watch the video. It is AMAZING. Watch it, and go share it with your friends!! The church is doing soo many cool things with it. to spread the world that Jesus Christ is the real gift of Christmas.  They have all the missionaries in on it with pass along cards, they are taking over youtube on December 7th, and they are even taking over part of times square in new York! our church is the coolest!! I love it.  But yes. Watch the video, and please help everyone out by sharing this on social media and just when you see people.  It is going to be huge. I want everyone to see it.(: 

But yep, that's my week.  Here are some pictures. one from thanksgiving, it goes guadelupe, angel, maynor, brother bailey, and ricardo. I had to get a picture of angel and guadelupe. they were hilarioussssss. hahahaha they could not stop laughing. angel is the best. also one from right after our miracle today. haha can you tell we are sopping wet? its pouring in this picture. the good thing is that actually when it rains here, its not as cold.   it was fun.(: love you all! byeee. love, Hermana Stokes

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