Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey. so, i'm bilingual.

Hi everyone!  I love you all.

Okay. So I had a great week here in San Mateo!! I love this work so much, it's just the best.

This wee we went on two exchanges!  I stayed in our area for both.  The first, Hermana McCarthy came with me!! she's a spanish missionary, serving in the other spanish ward in the stake.  She is amazing!!! oh my goodness. She is from new zealand/Hawaii.  We had such a great day together, with some hilarious things happen to us.  I hope we can be companions one day. Shes awesome.

Then the other was with sister Putong! Who also came from the city.  She is from the phillipenes... i have no idea how to spell that. Anyway, she is also amazing!  I learned so much from her.  I really love exchanges.  I love getting to know these amazing sisters in our zone.  I have learned so much this week on how to be a better missionary and leader.(:

Sorry, I really don't have much to write about this week.  But while I was on my exchange with sister putong, we did add a new investigator!  Eliazar!!  Oh my goodness he is awesome.  It was a miracle that we could see him.  We met with him and he loooved the restoration.  He has the desires to follow god.  And I asked him right off if he would get baptized.  He said he is going to read from the book of mormon and pray about it this week then next time we can set a date!!! sooo amazing.  I hope it goes well with him, he has definitely been prepared.  Tons of potential.  Really, he is awesome.

We also had some other great lessons this week! had a miracle of an old investigator show up to our english class that we teach!! and we got to teach her after.  Her name is Esly and she has doubts about the catholic church so she has been reading the book of mormon a ton.  she is amazing!!!! I just hope we can get her to church soon.(:  she has a lot of questions and it is awesome.  plus shes a great student in our english class.(:

Yeah, we teach english class every tuesday to hispanics who want to learn.  It is the best.  I really just love teaching, especially to hilarious hispanics.

A bunch of other little miracles happened this week.  We taught a recent convert, freidell.  She is from nicaragua.  Oh my goodness this woman is amazing.  She has so many great desires.   I know she is going to be an amazing member in the church her whole life.  (:

I had an amazing dinner this week from Honduras.  Oh man, I love working with all these cultures.  I really do have the best mission.

So yep, that was my week. Sorry that I'm kind of rushed.  I spent so much time emailing president today that now I'm short on time(: hahha. but also, I just wanted to say, after reading about the miracle with heather sami and griff.. It was on my mind all week.  I kept just crying out of gratitude to heavenly father for keeping my family safe while I'm here.  I am so grateful for his plan, and so grateful that heather sami and griff are needed here today.(:  I love all of you so much and know that The Lord is watching over you.  He has his angels with you, I know it.  I am so grateful for miracles, and I know that Heavenly Father loves us all and cares about our desires.

I love you all so much!  I hope you all have a great week and are able to stop and think what the Lord has given you.  We are all so blessed by Him.  (:

Hermana Stokes

Picture 1 and 2.  Me and some of the zone during the movie activity new years eve.(: fun stuff.

picture 3. the spanish sister training leaders at MLC.  Funny note, sister corbitt trained sister hooper and sister cefalo trained me! hahah we just are switched.  I love it.(:

ps. I love spanish.

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