Monday, January 5, 2015

hi so it's 2015 and I had funeral potatoes. life is great.

Hi my dear favorite people!(:

I love you all so much!!

How was your week??

Mine was great.

I guess I will start with New years eve!  For new years eve we get to watch two movies. You can imagine how exciting this is for us missionaries. Well, due to millions of technical difficulties... we only got to watch parts of two movies. you can imagine the saddness we felt because of this. hahaha we watched about a third of Frozen(: didn't even get to meeting olaf:( but hey at least i have seen it. there were lots of people who havent. then we saw about half of how to train your dragon two. so no, i dont know what happens next, and please dont tell me. i will watch it when i am home.(: but it was good! it was hilarious watching movies as missionaries..... haahaha we havent seen one in so long that i kid you not... every teeny little thing that most people wouldnt react to.. we freak out. haha we were laughing harder than ever and every other extreme you feel while watching a movie. it was so fun. It was fun to get to know the zone more too!

Thennn new years day! man. Not gonna lie. Hard day. Every lesson out of like 6 got cancelled. we were walking around all day. (Lets just say, that i am soo grateful that the holidays are over. im tired of people being on vacation!)  but then. We had a new years day miracle. which was that the wonderful baileys invited us over to dinner.(: AND GUESS WHAT THEY FED US. funeral potatoes. I have not had those for 7 and 1/2 months. I was so happy. They tasted like heaven I'm pretty sure.  Seriously though, it made my life. We also had homemade chocolate pudding like yours mom, which also made me so happy. yeah I am so grateful for the baileys.

But really though, even with everyone cancelling on us, it was a good week! I love this gospel soooo much.

This week I was studying for some investigators, sandy and adolfo, who just cannot seem to grasp the fact that really this is the only true church on the earth, and we have to be a part of it in order to make it to our heavenly father again one day.  I want you all to go read 2 Nephi 29.  It is such an amazing chapter.  I can testify to you all that we have the book of mormon today because God's work is not finished!  Why would he have his son come to the earth and establish his church, and then just let it be lost again? Of course he would call a new prophet to restore the church.  The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is THE true church.  The only true church.  And they only way we can know this for ourselves is by reading the scriptures and asking ourselves.  We have the book of mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ.  Of course God would give us another testament!  THis is for us! the book of mormon is the way to happiness.  I promise you.  We can find any answer to any question by reading that book and praying.  My dear family and Friends, I am so grateful for this gospel.  I know that it can bless each one of your lives.  Find out for yourself if this church is true.  I know that if you ask Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, He will answer your prayer.  You can know for yourself.  You might as well try it, because what if all of this was true?  wouldn't that be the greatest thing ever?! Well I can testify to you that it is. It is true. And knowing it can change your life.  So will you all do that? pray about this church, about the book of mormon, and find out for yourselves.  I promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ that it will help you live a happier and fuller life.  

I love you all so much.  I hope you know how much this gospel means to me.  I want it to mean the same to everyone I love.  Have an amazing week.(:

happy new year(:
picture one: what happens at night after a long day of cancelled appointments. of course these things will cheer us up.(: #missionarylife
picture two:  The cutest girls ever. Isabella and Antonella. Or Isa and Anto.  I love them.

The rest of the pictures: last week at temple.

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