Monday, July 27, 2015


How are you all doing!? I hope you are all doing great. (: 

So this week we had interviews with the President.  I like President Frandsen a lot.  I especially love sister Frandsen.  She is the bestttt. Seriously, she is so cute.  Mom and dad.. I guess she started a parents facebook page for parents of the missionaries here? you should find it.

We also had Zone Training this week, which was great!  We gave a training.  Fun stuff.  You know, giving trainings has actually kind of grown on me. 

I went on an exchange with Hna McCarthy! I don't know if you remember, but she was in my zone when I was first STL, now she is in my zone again! We were in her area, so it was fun because I got to meet a bunch of her spanish branch. (:

Okay the weekend was definitely the highlight of our week. Saturday we had a stake picnic! For Pioneer day! It was soooo fun. I love Pioneer day. (:  Us missionaries were in charge of some of the booths and stuff. it was really fun.  There were tons of members there, and we had 2 less actives and 4 investigators there! So that was really exciting for us. and all but one of those people were spanish. (:  I will have pictures next week hopefully.

Then Sunday was awesome!! We had 5 less actives at church!! and some of our investigators! Ah it was so exciting. Also, then we had Por Que Yo Creo!!! So fun. I saw a bunch of people from San Mateo. (: it was awesome !(:  

That's pretty much it.  Oh also! So the Medinas are this cute old peruvian couple in our ward. They are AWESOME. seriously, I love them so much. haha(:  Anyway, So Hna Medina has been praying for missionary opportunities for a long time.  She always tells us about how much she wants to share the gospel.  Well she invited her neighbor to come over for us to watch the restoration!!!! So awesome! Her neighbor is now our investigator! Her name is Celina, and she is from Portugal! So she speaks Portuguese but since it's so close to spanish, she knows spanish pretty well too.  So we teach her, since there are no portuguese missionaries.  But we watched the restoration in Portuguese!  It was so awesome! She has a lot of struggles right now , so it will be good to work with her.  Ah I am just so amazed.  See everyone! If you pray for missionary opportunities and really act on your impressions.. it will happen!!! I challenge you all to pray for a way you can share this amazing gospel.  

I love this church so much. Thank you for all you do to support me!

Hermana Stokes

1:we went bowling last week as a district. it was fun. (:
2. me and my comp before the picnic!

3. our recent converts doing the pie eating contest. (: love them.

Por Que Yo Creo.(: Saw Angel. and Sergio.. but hes not in the pic. 

heres my zone after zone training! 

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