Monday, July 20, 2015

The sisters are back

Okay so Brentwood is HOT.  

But also, it's great! It's honestly weird being in an English ward because it reminds me a lot of home... its weird. but one thing I love about it is getting fed every single day!!! and american food!!!! i missed good homemade american food so much. also, we are having a huge pioneer day picnic this week. so yeah.. english ward has its perks.(:

But I still get to spend a lot of time with spanish people! Our group is small, but it's there. So like we go to classes still in spanish on Sundays. I'm happy about that part.  We have a lot of spanish investigators too! It's about half and half.  So it's good. (:  Ha everyone here is impressed with my spanish.  It's cool because the last two areas at the beginning I was still pretty new.. but now I'm not so new anymore. 

I love being with Hna Hilton again!!! she is so great. And I already love my zone!! yay Antioch zone.  Life is really good.  I love the mission so much.  We teach soooooooo many lessons here. It's a big difference from San Mateo.  I miss San Mateo so much.. But I know that this change was good for me.  Our apartment is amazing!!! We have roommates! The Tongan sisters. (: So that's fun.  But yeah I have like no time today, I'm sorry! Have a good week! I love you all!!!! 

The Church is true. (: 

pic #1: transfer van!! woo fun ride. 

#2&3... so in case you were wondering what brentwood looks like.... hahahahahahaa yeah i lilterallly switched sides of the mission. I went from the city to the country. I love it though!!!!! I love smaller towns sooo much better. Not all of brentwood is like this. there are neighborhoods and stuff. there are 3 wards in brentwood! But it's like lehi... it used to be a teeennnnnyyyy town.. then in 2009 it started growing. (: so yeah, its a nice area. (: i prefer this over the city. 

Hermana Stokes

we went to the farmers market and chalked a little. it was fun. (:

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