Monday, September 14, 2015

Mini Utah

Hi, I live in mini Utah. Seriously, we see so many mormons here. It's weird! Ha our lunch got paid for again today. (:

We had zone conference this week! We gave a training on Sabbath Day observance.  It was taken from the same training that is being given in Ward Council.. so It was cool to give a training received straight from head quarters!  But I learned a lot.  Keeping the sabbath day holy is so important! I have enjoyed evaluating how I make Sunday's most sacred and making goals to improve.

I also went to the spanish branch for an exchange with Hermana Heyn! She is from Spanish Fork, Utah, but was born in Colombia.  She is super sweet. I love her. (: We had a fun day today in 108 DEGREE WEATHER. ha it was so hot and we were outside for like 2 hours. I have an awesome tan line! It was cool though because we were able to still be diligent and work hard even in the heat. (:

The rest of the week was good! Sorry, this is a shorter email.  We went to english Why I Believe yesterday! It was weird. so different than spanish Porque yo creo. but we enjoyed it a lot. We brought the Westons.  I love sister Weston, she is a recent convert in our area and is amazing.

So yeah, a good week! I love Brentwood! and I love my companion. And I love my mission. And I love the gospel.  What more could I ask?

Hermana Stokes

This is us and Cory and Monte. And then there is Leon.  Leon and Cory are Theresa's kids and Monte is their friend. We love them. They love us. It's great. (: haha

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