Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Okay sooo sorry if todays email doesn't have as much stuff in it.  I feel like a basket case because this morning we were so rushed and I ended up forgetting my planner, our phone, and my nametag... so yeah I guess I'm just a failure of a missionary haha.

Anyway hopefully I remember everything I was gonna tell you all! Right now I'm trying to remember...

Diller. Mannnnn Diller. hahah okay sooo this kid. We added him as an investigator last week i think? Anyway, first lesson was really weird. but we were like okay we'll see, the gospel could change his whole mind set. yeah so then this week we went to have a second lesson with him. He's this 20 year old kid. so he knows both spanish and english but we teach him in english because it's more comfortable for him. yeah well we found out during this lesson that he's crazy. Like.. um... wow. hahaha. So just an overview of how the lesson went. He denied everything we said, and had explanations of why. So basically he believes that we can't do anything through Jesus Christ. And that Christ has already tried to come back but has failed. And that now Christ is mad so he's gonna come back as a bad person. And he also believes that satan is a really good person, just needs his light turned on. So when my companion said something about how through Jesus Christ we can overcome the temptations of satan, he denied it because he said satan doesnt tempt us. Oh and he also believes that he is the one that needs to save the world. as in diller believes he, himself, has been called by PIRATES to turn on satans light. And also, he says he has a ring that he got from a different world and he has to go back to the other world and destroy the ring because if he doesn't it will hurt people.

So yeah, that was our lesson with Diller. We left him with a book of mormon and said if he ever decides  to read it and likes it he can call us. 

Hmmm what else. We dropped the Garcias...:((( well. just for 2 weeks. we actually had an amazing lesson on friday. I talked soooo much, all in spanish. and i don't even know how. I just kept saying what the spirit told me too. My companion was totally following the spirit too. And following the spirit, we told them that we are going to not visit for 2 weeks and we want them to see how they feel about baptism during this time.  So yeah, Heavenly Father definitely has a plan for them.  I have faith that during this two weeks they are going to notice the difference, and they are going to want to have this gospel in their lives.(: Please keep them in your prayers.

Carlitos wants to get baptized!!! he told us on saturday! but only one problem... his mom said no. his mom wants him to be raised catholic.  So yeah, carlitos is sad. and his dad is so mad. but We talked about prayers and miracles with carlitos, and now everytime he prays he prays that his mom will change her mind about baptism. ahh sweetest boy. so please keep him in your prayers too(:  He's a 10 year old, so sometimes teaching him is rough, but you can tell that he really does want a life like his dads.  The way he was looking at the kids passing the sacrament on sunday was adorable. He told me he wants to do that one day! 

We had to cancel marcelino's baptism... sad day. but it's okay.  It's because he's not ready, and we know that it will be better to make sure he is ready first.(: we are hoping to set another date today with him!

Ummm I think that's pretty much it.  There is probably a ton I'm forgetting.. but yeah I don't have my planner. Soo sorry guys!! 

Oh also, I had the best food ever this week. Well, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we had carneasada and chips and salsa... most amazing salsa ever. and guac. and sunday we had salmon and it was delicious. so yeah that was definitely a highlight of my week.(:

Here are some pictures. the other girl in them is Stephanie(: she is 18, just waiting to start her mission papers! so she comes out with her a ton. I loooove her! Seriously, she is the best. And her mom is from El Salvador so that makes her even cooler because Salvadorians are awesome. Also, the sunset last night, because it was gorgeous.

Love you all! thanks for all your love and support!

Mark 11:23-24

Hermana Stokes

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