Monday, August 11, 2014

First transfer call.


How are you all doing? I had another great week here in Concord!! 

I really am trying to remember what to tell you about this week.... honestly.. it's such a blur. I don't remember hardly anything from it. haha time flies here! but I guess we can start with transfers!

No worries everyone, I am staying here in concord with my companion! which is good because Diana Espinoza is getting baptized this saturday... (she just turned 8 a couple months ago)... and if I would've missed that I would've been soo sad. but yeah. plus, I just love it here. buuuut there was a change to our area. WE ARE BEING PUT ON BIKE. yep. you are reading that right. I hope you believe me, because most of the members here don't believe us when we tell them that. hahaha it's funny. But yeah, anyway, yes. I have to buy a bike. we are going to be sharing a car with the elders. so when we go to the further parts of our area like martinez and walnut creek, we will drive. but pretty much all the time we will be riding our bikes! I am actually really excited. because I love bikes. like they are fun. and i hear that bikes bring miracles. and when i ride a bike i feel like a true missionary. hahaha. but yeah. plus, I just know that this transfer is going to be great!!! I'm so excited. Bring on the heat. man, I am just going to accept the fact now that I will always be gross. 

The sad part of transfers is that elder wells and hermana arellano are leaving us:((( I'm really sad about that. but I'm sure the people coming into our district will be great!! 

But yeah, that's pretty much it about our week.  Stephanie got her appendix out, so we went and visited her in the hospital.  She's the sweetest, we love her. 
But yeah. Sorry, really though I just have nothing special to tell.

I want you all to go look up the talk "I stand all amazed" by Jeffrey R Holland on  It is amazing.  the story at the end is amazing and will make you cry.  I taught training at district meeting this week and shared that story at the end. the spirit was so strong.  Christ has done so much for us.  The least we can do is remember him, and try our best to be like him.  I love this gospel so much.  My testimony is strengthened every day while I'm here.  I am so grateful to be out here teaching it, and I hope these people start to realize how amazing the gospel is.

Another thing you should read is Alma 36.  I read it this morning, and really it is just the greatest chapter.  You see alma go through all the steps of repentance using the atonement. then the first thing he wants to do is share the gospel, and help others repent, because he wants everyone to feel what he has felt.  It's just so amazing.  I think that should be the first thing we all want to do.

Okay well I love you all so much!! have an amazing week!!

Hermana Stokes

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