Tuesday, August 26, 2014

no time..

hello everyone! today, i have no time. because we went to the temple! so i am sorry about that. i will make this quick and everything i miss i will just tell you next week!!
the temple was amazing!!! oh my. beautiful. after the mission, we can all come back so you can all go through the oakland temple. because it is amazing. 
this past week.... i went on splits. with vilma. who is from el salvador. and doesnt speak english. and we visited less actives. who obviously dont speak english. so i had to just speak spanish, with no one around like my companion to lean on. ahhh and i made it! i was soooo scared. like you have no idea. but i made it!!!!!!! i surprised myself.. i know more spanish than i thought... it was really helpful actually, to see how i do without my trainer. i was so happy. and the members were all sooo supportive and so excited for me. they are really the best. when they asked me if i would split with my comp, i started tearing up. instantly, maria elena comes and hugs me. and i guess all night as she was with my comp, she was saying i have nothing to worry about because my spanish is great. and vilma told me the same thing. she just kept saying how great my spanish is. and that i dont have to worry. and carlos was so excited and supportful too. our members are the BEST. And i was praying the whole time, and i am so glad that heavenly father was able to help me remember all the spanish i know. i am never alone.(:

Here is a miracle we had this week.. It was a new investigator.  Her name is Viri.  And she is amazingly prepared by the Lord.  First, we asked her if she goes to church.  To which she replied with that her husband is catholic and worships the virgin mary. but that she was raised catholic but does not call herself catholic. she says she has read the bible and it clearly says not to worship anyone but God, so she doesn't understand why people worship the virgin mary.  Then, she goes on to tell us that she has a great relationship with god.  She prays to him all the time.  And she said that every prayer she has ever said, he has answered.  She said she doesn't pray for crazy things, like every time she needs money, she prays for a job. and she said that every time she has prayed for a job, she has gotten one.  And one time, she had a temporary job.  and on her last day she started stressing because she just needed three more days of money.  she immediately said a prayer, and the second she said amen, her boss came over and asked her if she could stay three more days.  Also, she said one time she did pray for money.  It was her birthday, and she didn't have enough money to buy food for her party.  The food was $40 and she only had $20.  She prayed, and then the lady next to her in line randomly offered to pay for all her food.  How amazing is that??? I really was in awe after the lesson.  Viri is so prepared by the Lord.  He has made sure that she has that relationship with him for a reason.  I cannot wait to keep teaching her.  I know it will be a struggle with her husband, but I have faith it will all work out.  

Thank you for all you all do for me!! i love you all so much.  I do have pictures, but i don't have time for the pictures to upload.. sorry! i promise i will send them next week!! anyway, have a great week! you are all in my prayers!!

ps. the earthquake wasnt too bad here. i woke up and just continued laying in bed.. it felt like i was on a boat and i was very confused at what was happening.(: hahaha. anyway, love you all! and to my family, i am glad no one got hurt from the kitchen collapsing.  Everything happens for a reason.. maybe it was just the kitchens time.(: ahh earthquakes. haha well bye!

Hermana Stokes

Alma 38:9.

Note from Dad (Paul): I think Sadie thought that Rachelle told her that we had an earthquake here in Utah because the cupboards fell off our Kitchen Wall on Sunday night. Crazy!!!  Rachelle was just telling Sadie that we must have had an aftershock from the California earthquake because our kitch cupboards fell off the wall.  And fortunately, we were very blessed that no one was in the kitchen when it happened so no one got hurt.  Here are a couple of pictures of the "Utah aftershock":

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