Monday, December 8, 2014

It's a Monday


Well. I'm gonna be honest. This week was a slow week of everyone cancelling on us.  So we walked around a lot. But we still saw miracles! It's crazy. Because in this mission teaching can be really hard.. but even on hard weeks the littlest things happen and they are just the biggest miracles.  I love it.  We get so excited over just accidently calling someone and ending up with an appointment.(:

This week I really gained a testimony of how important members are in lessons.  Oh my goodness so you remember my miracle story of maria last week? well she is a miracle every day. Oh my heck I love her.  Anyway. So we taught her on Monday and we were planning on teaching her the restauracion.... I honestly don't know how to spell that in English right now.. anyway.  So we have been trying to have more member present lessons lately which is hard in this area. but we were like lets bring a member with us! and we called a member that we have never asked before.  She came and worked miracles!!!! ahhh Hermana America is the best.  She changed maria's life with her testimony. and she really made what we were saying so much more true.  The spirit was testifying like crazy. and then she was just like hey so I can pick you up for church this weekend are you coming?  and maria hesitated and America was like no you need to come if you want to find out if its true. so ill pick you up at 930.  haha me and my comp were in shock. and maria agreed to come!!!!! It has never ever been that easy to get an investigator to come. and I can tell you that im 99 % sure she wouldn't have come if it wasn't for a member inviting her.  Then Friday when she missed her appointment she was like its okay though I will see you at church on sunday! and we were like um yes. and then Saturday we stopped by and were able to teach her and she started out the lesson saying. "im just like jose smith, searching for what church I should join." oh my goodness golden. then we had an amazing lesson about the plan of salvation. which she asked tons of questions and loved.  Then she came to church yesterday!!!!! we haven't talked too much about it yet but I think she really liked it. she was so awesome! in sunday school she got up and introduced herself and said the same thing, that she is like joseph smith. and the ward members were so awesome in welcoming her! ahh man I could go on and on with talking about this sweet lady. I love her sooo much!! She truly has the desires to find which church to join.  I really hope she receives her answer soon.

Soo yeah. That's really all I have to talk about. Haha I had exchanges this week with Hermana Corbitt.  She is in my district so it was weird because I already know her, I'm not used to that. haha but we stayed in the area. It was fun!

I loved this week so much.  I love this work so much.  Actually, missionary life is just the best.  I don't know if I ever want to stop.  Ahh I love it.  The church is true everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional last night as much as I did.  Let us not forget Who the true gift of Christmas is.  Keep sharing the He is the Gift video!!! It really is amazing.  I love this gospel.

I hope you all have a great week!!

Hermana Stokes

The pictures.. we went to the mall last Monday. apparently California is cooler because they have a whole tree not just a leaf frozen yogurt place. hahaha. and also, this is us in front of the cute Christmas dear.(: 17 days till Christmas!!!!!(: you can say we are pretty excited.  we have transfer calls at the end of this week and are crossing our fingers that we don't get separated..

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