Monday, December 29, 2014

Prospero Ano Nuevo

Hola mi familia y mis amigos.  Les quiero mucho.

This week was so great! CHRISTMAS!!! gotta love it.

I went on my first two exchanges as sister training leader! So fun.. We have the best sisters in our zone.  First one I was in the same area but english with Sister Thao.  She is mong, from wisconsin. but her family is from Laus.  She speaks mong.  And it was so awesome being with her! we had a great day.  Then my second one was with Sister Tadevosyan.  She is from Armenia.  She speaks armenian, russian, georgian, and farsian.  and now on her mission she is learning english.  Sooo amazing. She is amazing and it was so cool to be with her and learn about armenian culture.  We were in San bruno and south san fran for the day.  Really, we have the greatest sisters.  I love them all! I love exchanges.  

Me and my dear companion had a great christmas! Christmas eve was the best! we got invited to a christmas party.. the ramirez family.  Yeah it was there whole extended family.  Which, I'm not joking, is like half the ward.  SOO many people.  But it was so amazing because I felt like i was at a stokes or major party!! it felt like i wasn't missing out on anything.  I am soo grateful to the ramirez for inviting us over.(: It was fun, Hyrum was just talking to us about his mission stories.  We were all laughing so hard.  They are so loving to us missionaries.  So yeah. That made my week.

Then Christmas was so great too! we went and had breakfast at the baileys with the elders too.  We had so much fun.  I love the Baileys.  They are definitely a blessing in my life. It's great having grandparents in the mission.(:

We went to the temple yesterday! I finally saw the lights!! IT was so awesome.  Our investigators, the hernandez, came! their names are rosio, guadelupe, then the kids are haylie, angel, and jesus.  They came and loved it! our RC minnie also came.  It was so great and a miracle that we could go.  We were so happy..  also.. while I was there there was a concert going on. Guess who was singing? dad, your cousin, melanie.  I saw the whole wheuler family.  But they were sitting down watching the concert so I didn't want to interupt them, plus we had to go.  But Jim did see me and say hi.  It was cool. yay for family.  Melanie did amazing, please tell her that for me. (:

Okay sorry that there isn't much.. that really is just all that happened this week. but thank you for everything you all do!! merry christmas!! i love you all! happy new year!  

be ready for a tonnnn of pictures. its my gift to you.(:

It was awesome to Skype with the family:

This is anto.  We eat at her house once a week.. yeah she is the cutest thing on this planet.

Our district on Christmas

exchange with sister thao! 

so funny story.... our christmas dinner got cancelled... and every single restaurant in san mateo was closed.. so what did we do? went to wallgreens and bought pizza. hahahah memories! gotta love it.

zone conference and armadillo willies with ricardo.(: and transfer day with the baileys.

 old but zone conference and thanksgiving ward party.

-christmas breakfast.(: and our crowns from elder wallace. we did some england traditions. it was fun.

 The BEAUTIFUL Oakland Temple

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