Monday, February 16, 2015

Green Salsa...Really??

Dear Friends and Fam and everyone.

I love and miss you all. Hope you are doing well.(:  

This was a great week! Actually, tomorrow we are going to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!. So today isn't my p day. but i have some time to write and let yall know that im alive still.(:

So this week was great!! Really though. We taught so many lessons.  Which was so nice.  We were able to see all 5 of our investigators this week! That hasn't happened in a long time! so I was really excited about that.  Armando is doing well, but we weren't able to set a baptismal date.  He has some concerns with the Law of Chastity. So that is our new thing to work on.(:  Esly is AWESOME and progressing! She is keeping our committments of reading the book of mormon and praying. This past Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with her.  Oh my gosh it was kind of crazy. We taught the Plan of Salvation, which brought up a ton of concerns.  She doesn't believe that we can accept the gospel after this life.. so she doesnt believe we can do baptisms for the dead.  We didn't want to get into it right then so we just moved past it and then we had to go home.  But Sergio and Angel were in the lesson, and Sergio texted us after and told us that they stayed after with Esly and explained baptisms for the dead to her, and that she understands now and there is no more confusion.  Haahaha seriously... we have the best members in the world.  I am so grateful for them! and they are recent converts!! like what!?!?  love them so much.  yeah.  And Jennifer! We saw her! she is doing so great. i think she is one of the smartest 13 year olds ive met.  She hasn't come to church in a while, but she loves the book of mormon.  And then Eliazar, we are still working on trying to get him to church.  but he's awesome.  And last but not least... guess who we went to oakland with yesterday!? ROBERT AND SANDY!!! and their whole family!! we went to the visitors center and watched meet the mormons!! oh my heck it was the greatest thing ever!!! I am so happy.  I love meet the mormons.  And I think they reallly liked it too.  I know Sandy did, ha she kept crying the whole time.  She's so cute, probably my favorite.  Eadan loved it too.  i love that family so much.  

So yeah that's an update on our investigators! I love them all! then thing we have been working on lately though is members.  We really want to strengthen that relationship with them so that we can help our ward do missionary work.  We haven't had much success yet.. but i know it's coming.  We especially want to find all the less actives and part member families in our ward and start teaching them.  So we are working on being able to see them this week.  I am so excited, I feel the success coming.  We have a lot of great plans.  

I think this week has been the busiest of my mission.  Stressful, but good stress.  I love working hard.  We Had a lot of lessons, plus exchanges, plus other sister training leader duties.  it's crazy.  Doing 9 exchanges a transfer is just crazy.  We went on two this past week!  And actually we are on one right now!  So last week I was in the area with sister blood from Arizona.  This is her first transfer, and shes in the tongan program! then I was with sister mccarthy in her area.  I love exchanges. So much.  But man, doing so many is SO TIRING.  I am so tired.  But I love it.  Plus I always miss Hermana Orantes.  But that's okay, I guess we will make it. haha. Right now I am on an exchange with Sister Manu'a.  She's in the Samoan program, is samoan from Austrailia.  So cool! I love her.  I will tell more about that next week I guess.(:

This week we also went to the san fran west zone training, and gave a training! We gave it on lesson plans.  It was awesome! And President Meredith came!!! yeah that was crazy.. didn't know he did it.  So I had to give my first zone training in front of him.  But I think it went well. thank goodness for the spirit.  He also came to our district meeting on tuesday.. so yeah it has been cool.  I love president meredith, hes the best.

So yeah, That is my  week!  I love the mission so much. Man, it's the best.

I will send pictures tomorrow, sister orantes has like all of them.(:

Also, yeah.. while I was on exchanges with Hermana McCarthy in the city.. (so fun, I love the city.. so many interesting people)  We went to a taqueria... and I spilt green salsa ALL OVER my skirt.  so yeah. that was fun.   luckily she let me borrow one of hers.(: haha adventures.

Love you all! have a great week! I will reply to emails tomorrow mostly(:

Hermana Stokes

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