Monday, February 23, 2015

its all down hill from here.. hump day... half way.. what else?

Dear people,

hi!  hey so I actually am thinking and I really don't know what I'm going to say about this week.  but I have  A MILLION PHOTOS. should I just send all those?

haha nah just kidding.  This week was great!  went on 3 exchanges. yeah, I'm exhausted!  first was with sister manua from Australia.. shes samoan, in the samoan program.  She is so awesome! then I went to san fran YSA ward with sister stapley and sister Leuluaiailii.  Sister stapley is from Arizona, and sister L from Samoa.  They are such great sisters! It was fun to be in a trio again.  Then I went to san Bruno with sister vejnar from Colorado!  so yeah. lots of fun things this week.

miracles happened on sunday!!!!! Raul, a less active that no one has heard from in forever just showed up to church.  Armando, who told us he wasn't going to come to church, just showed up.  Jennifer, who hasn't come in foreve came.  And then the biggest miracle of all..... joann, a girl who has been coming to church for like 2 years but never wanted to get baptized, announced that she is finally ready!!! so the elders are having a random miracle baptism this week! sooo cool. haha. really though.  its crazy.  I love all the miracles I see on my mission.

Then honestly, the highlight of my week... ha.  today, we had a zone activity. definitely the best.  Our zone leaders got it worked out that they rented a big tour bus and we all went to the city.  What?  haha no really, it was so cool.  We went to treasure island and took pictures of the city, then we went to a cool museum thingy... I really don't know what to call it. but I will send pictures.  it was soo fun! and we got our zone t shirts too, which are so awesome.  so yeah! it was a fun day! I love going to the city! and our zone is the best I love it!!

So im sorry my email is so lame today. we are really short on time, we still have tons to do today.  but I will make it up to you by sending pictures from today(: I love my mission!!!!

Love you all, remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers and go to church. 

the church is true!!
picture 1:  bus ride (: so fun~

2: walking in this cool place.

A bunch more photos for our Zone Excursion

I love this place, it is so pretty!!

El Camino Distric (: - The best!!

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