Monday, February 9, 2015

Smile. (:

Hello everyone!! 

Wow, what an amazing week once again.. really though.. mission life is amazing.(:  Umm.. I'm tryin to remember what happened.  Oh!  We had MLC.  Another great one.  man, it was so good!!  I just love MLC so much.  I learn so much on how to improve as a missionary and as a leader.  I love the mission.  So yeah, that was good.

Then I went on an exchange with sister Magnussen! She is from Bluffdale, Utah.  She is so awesome!! I love her.  It was a good day, and I learned a lot. (:

Then, the highlight of my week, was stake conference.  Elder Nash came!! For those of you who don't know, Elder Marcus B. Nash is a member of the 1st quorum of the seventy.. and was also my stake president back in seattle!  It was so great to see him.  He came up to me Saturday before the adult session and was like Hermana Stokes! It's so great to see you! and he talked to me and my companion for a while about our lives and such.  It was awesome!  Then, we had the most amazing adult session I've ever been to..  Elder Nash is an amazing teacher, I learned so much.  Ha and it was really funny.  Our bishop spoke, and he shared a story about a less active member, that i was involved in.  But he just said sister missionaries.  Then when elder nash went up there to talk and discuss what we learned from the story, elder nash was like who was the sister missionary?  and bishop points to me and says sister stokes.  At this point, EVERYONE is looking at me, and elder nash says excitingly "I know sister stokes! I was her stake president!"  haha it was pretty awesome and funny, but yes, my face was bright red.  Hahah good times.  But yeah, I learned a ton.  Then sunday morning I saw him again, and mom and dad, he told me to tell you two things, that 1. he saw me. and that 2. that i look great. haha im quoting him there. (:  Then, Elder Nash had told us to bring an investigator to stake conference so he could meet him.  Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how hard I worked to get someone there.  We decided on Armando,  and basically.. when he called sunday morning telling us he was washing his laundry and wouldnt be able to come, I wouldn't take that as an answer. So, I was really persistent.. and told him he had to come.  I left the call with him telling me that he was gonna call Juan, the member who was bringing him, to see if he could pick him up at the laundry place.. but when I never saw them walk in, I lost hope and was pretty sad that he didn't make it. So then, we had a great stake conference, really good, president meredith spoke too.  Then after,  I got to have the opportunity to watch Angel and Mike ruiz be ordained elders!!! it was amazing. anyway, during that, we get a text from armando.. which says in that he loved the meeting, it was pretty, and thank you for calling him and making him go.  I was so confused.  i texted back really quick and asked if he was still there and he said no.  he asked if he could call us, so he did, and he told us that he came!!!! and he loved the meeting!!! his words were "estuvo bien bonito, bien fuerte."  or it was really beautiful, and really strong.  ah I was so happy! but I was also soo sad because he was there! he could've met elder nash!! so yeah i was really sad that i didnt know he was there.  I wish he couldve met him.. but its okay, im just glad that he made it and got to listen!! he is so amazing.  we are planning on setting a baptismal date with him tonight, pray for us! he really is ready, he just doesn't realize it.  haha he was so funny though, he was like i didn't see you guys at church, were you hiding? we were like um no!! but i am so grateful, beacause heavenly father knew he was there, and helped him, and someone was able to find him and give him the translation headphones.  ah i am just so grateful.  

Anyway, yeah.  Oh another great thing about stake conference! haha elder nash, and our whole stake presidency speak spanish, plus our bishop, who spoke about our ward.. plus they had a spanish chior for the music! so much spanish in an english meeting. it was awesome. hahaha. i was proud of my people.(:  hermana orantes was funny, she was like "ive never seen so many white people speaking spanish" hahah which is so true. but i love it.

So yeah.. that was my week.   hope you enjoyed this.  I love the gospel so much!! We are so blessed to have a loving heavenly father who knows us.  

Have an amazing week!  I love you all!
Hermana Stokes

picture 1:  after angel and mike got ordained. (:

picture 2:  armando's text.. please note that it's all in spanish.. but the "tenquio" is him trying to say "thank you"  in english. hahaha so funny! I dies. plus this text just made my life. I'm so glad he came.

Picture 3:  We have play station head quarters in our area. fun stuff.  

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