Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Sadie sent us a bunch of pictures so I (Paul) will try to describe them here:

Hermana Orantes and I at the Temple.  We love the the temple!!

Our Misionary tags

This is the view at the Oakland Temple

This was right after our session this morning.

Hermana Orantes, Eaden, and me

Us and sandy. I love her.

we went to dinner and they had the cutest dog. his name is fluffy. ha we love little dogs(: so cute.

the city. this is outside Hermana mccarthys window. they live in san fran. so crazy! I felt like I was in the movies. ha so many people. I like serving in the city. its so fun.

the view of the sunset at the temple. that is looking over Oakland and then in the far distance you can see san fran and the bridge. sooo pretty.

me and Hermana orantes were happy to get some valentines. thanks padres.(: 

me and Hermana McCarthy on exchanges(: love her.

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