Monday, April 20, 2015

Life as you know it

Hey guess what!!! I'm staying in El Camino for my birthday!!!!!!!! yes. my birthday is a week from today and I will be here. (: wow... weird.. am I really going to be 20? anyway.

My new companion, who I pick up tomorrow, her name is Hermana Housley. I'm getting another VC sister!!! so excited about that.  (: she came out the same time as Hna Hilton so she is one transfer behind me.  And this will be her first time being STL so I get to train her. (: so that will be fun!! We also will be in a trio for 2 weeks with Hermana Vargas! The same sister that I've gone on exchanges with.  She is training and her trainee isn't coming for 2 weeks.  Man, the lord just loves putting me in trios.  (: but that's good because I love them!! So yeah.  I feel like I just have a whole bunch of responsibility now and it just keeps coming.. ha when did I grow up!?!

I'll be sending Hermana Orantes off tomorrow:( ahhh so sad.  I am going to miss her soooo much. she truly has been a blessing in my life. She will do great things at home though. (:

We had a great week!!! We had a fun zone activity last Monday going up to twin peaks and looking over the city. I will send pictures. (: I have the best mission.

We had a mini exchange this week! I was with sister Cammans.  It was super fun!! I love her. (:

I also got to go to VC training this week since it was my comps last. that was fun. (:

Sorry, I'm short on time today. we have sooo much to do!! So the only other thing I have to tell you is our miracle!!!

So Sunday, we are sitting in ward council when we realized we forgot to call our investigators to remind them about church.  So we decided to leave and make those calls.  But we waited for a while.  Then we finally went out and while we were making those calls I saw a guy walk in.  I saw him and immediately KNEW that I needed to talk to him. It was the weirdest thing.  I waved and he waved back.  I figured if he had a question, he would come talk to us.  But he didn't . The impression came again to talk to him.  I pointed him out to Sister Orantes and she immediately turned to walk over to him.  So we talk to him and figure out.... He was taught by the missionaries more than 2 years ago.. and he has been looking for peace in his life and remembered where the church was so he came!!!! he lives in San Mateo!!! our area!!! and he just showed up to church because of something he remembered 2 years ago!!!! what the!!! and if we wouldn't have been out in the hall I honestly don't know if he would've stayed.  Because the reason he was so early was because he thought it was the same schedule as it was last time.  Oh my goodness miracle!! we have a lesson with him this week and he said he will be back at church this sunday, because he loved it!! he texted us telling us all that he learned.  He truly is prepared. It reminded me once again that this is the Lord's work.  So many miracles have been happening it's crazy.

I also gave a talk yesterday in church.  My companion did too. ha we were the whole program.  so I gave a 20 minute talk. in Spanish. It still kind of blows my mind that I can do that.  But yeah, it was great!(: I talked on Luke 7, the woman who loved much. my favorite story from the bible. (:

Welp, that's all! have a great week!! love you all!

Hermana Stokes

I have a ton of pictures from our zone activity last week, Hermana Orantes, and the wonderful people we work with.  Here you go.

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