Monday, April 27, 2015

2 decades old?(:

You know, it really is great having a p day on my birthday.  hahah I haven't read through my emails yet but thank you all for the wonderful emails.(: 

So far, 20 is the best age yet(; acutally... this is the best birthday so far I think that I've had.  Mission birthdays are the best!!!!

This week was CRAZY.  But I don't have much to tell.  Dropping off Hermana Orantes was super hard.  I just love her so much:( But her time was done.. I'm sure she is doing great at home. (:

Then I love my two new companions!!! they are so great!! So cute.  It is crazy covering two areas, two wards.  It honestly results in a lot less work for either of the areas, and a lot more time in the car.  But it was a good week!  We are just trying to figure everything out.  Hermana Vargas' companion comes May 6th. (: 

Hermana Housley is awesome, she is from North Carolina!  And here is a random crazy small world moment.. she grew up in new Hampshire, and knows the Olsen's!!! Yes Brooke and Natalie, if you are reading this, she remembers you really well.  Actually she remembers all of you. so funny. Ha such a small world!! But yeah she's super tall and awesome.  I love her already. (:

Hermana Vargas is the best too.  She is from El Salvador.  They really love putting me with Salvadorians(: hahaha. but its fun. 

Thursday when we went and taught Sandy and Robert... I was surprised to have them bring out a cake after and birthday hats! they threw me a little surprise party!! I had no idea.  They did it because they knew they wouldn't see me today.   Ahhh so sweet I love them so much!! I have never been so grateful.  Ha I thought I was gonna cry. 

Then yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER.  It may as well have been my birthday.  First of all, my trainer sister cefalo was at church!! I love her so much.  And also,  we had porque yo creo!! and a bunch of concord found out about my birthday, so the espinozas were there, and carlos and carlitos, and Stephanie and her mom.. and more!!! that was the best present I could have ever received.  I love them all sooo much!! seriously.. I can't even express my happiness to see them.  I love reunions.  We freaked out. (:  Really though, as I was thinking about it I was just so grateful for all the people the Lord has let me meet on my mission.  I am so grateful to him for all the relationships he has given me. (:

Today so far has been great.  Don't know what we are gonna do..  Probably go to Jamba Juice. .(: oh and Costco!  haha. then tonight we have a family home evening with the ward to watch meet the Mormons.  I am excited about that!!  so yeah.  best birthday yet.

I would write more but I don't know what to write plus I just want to read my emails.(: haah so I hope you all have a great week!! remember, the church is true!!!

I will send lots of pictures. (: bye love you all!

Hermana Stokes

pics:birthday party with sandy and robert

 My awesome new companeras - Hermana Vargas and Hermana Housely

My friends from Concord with Hermana Cefalo.  She came back and visited us.  It was wonderful to have her on my birthday.

The Espinozas are the best!

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