Monday, May 11, 2015

meetings, meetings, and more meetings.(:

My week this week was a bunch of meetings!! but good ones!! we had MLC, which i love.  then we had zlc thurs and zone training meeting Saturday!  all were good.  MLC was awesome because President talked to us about changing our focus.  It was cool.(:  I feel so motivated.  zone training was good!! Me and sister Housley gave a training on Prayer.  It was really awesome!! President and Sister Meredith were there, so that was fun. (:

Also we went on an exchange this week!! I was with sister Fernandez again but this time in her area.! it was awesome!! that day we also went to the Baileys to help them clean out their apartment before they left. it was fun and sad!!

We were able to see a lot of our investigators this week and that was awesome.  Jose came to church again!! He is doing so well. He is just waiting to receive an answer on if he should be baptized.  Please pray that he will receive the answer yes and that he will recognize it!! thank you so much.

That is really all I have to say.  I'm sorry that it is so short this week! but i love you all!!

I challenge you all to evaluate your prayers with your Heavenly Father.  Maybe even study the topic a little.  Are they sincere? are you praying with charity? are you praying with faith?  I've studied prayer a lot lately and it really is the first step to being successful.  Always include your Heavenly Father in your life through prayer. (:  I know that he is listening to us and wants to help us, he is just waiting for us to come to him.(:

have a great week!!! love you all!

pics:us at the baileys.(:

 My new companions: Hermanas Vargas y Housely

 We are on exchanges here.

Elder Parker and I are the last Lehites in the mission.  There used to be 6, now there are only 2.  We need more Lehites :).

 Futuro madres - The relief society had a big dinner for Mother's day.  Do much fun!

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