Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Trio's down to two...

Hey so I totally forgot to tell you all but 2 weeks ago we received a call from President telling us Hermana Vargas' trainee was going to come May 20th!!! So this past week we had to drop off Hermana Vargas in Oakland:( We were so sad to say goodbye.. but so happy for her!! Plus she's still in our zone so we still see her sometimes. (:  I do miss the trio life though.

Anyway, this week was honestly really hard.  We started out the week with amazing goals to have a bunch of lessons.  We had so many set lessons.  BUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM CANCELLED.  It was really hard.  Sunday morning I was really upset, and just praying for some kind of miracles to happen that day.  Well, everyone.  I can testify to you that Heavenly Father does care about us, and he does listen to our prayers.  Because yesterday was the most amazing day of my mission.  Also the most stressful.  But One miracle after another.  Actually, I was praying hard for certain things all day.  I have never prayed so hard in my life.  But Heavenly Father answered all of our prayers.  Me and Hna Housley were crying last night of gratitude.  We realized that Heavenly Father was trying to show us that he knows we are trying, and that he is proud of us.  (:  

So I'm going to go a little backwards today and first tell about yesterday.  It was amazing.  So first, we only expected Jose to come to church.  But before church Edilma, our investigator, calls us and is like Hermana's are you going to send someone to pick me up for church?  She has never been and we haven't seen her in 2 weeks.  But she came!!! MIRACLE.  And our member Michelle brought her and was perfect for her.  Edilma came with her baby and seemed to really enjoy it.  I already felt so blessed with that miracle.  Then.  We left pretty early to go to Porque Yo Creo, because the San Mateo bridge was closed so we knew there would be tons of traffic on the bay bridge.  Which there was.  So we were sitting in stopped traffic when Jose calls us and tells us he cancelled his plans so he could come to PYC.  We were so excited!! But then we needed to find a ride for him.  At this point is was 4:15.  I kid you not, we spent the next hour and 15 minutes in stopped traffic calling every single member in our phone trying to find someone.  We were both so stressed and praying so hard.  Finally at 5:30, Freidell said that even though they were in South City, they would back track to San Mateo, pick him up, then drive back to go to Oakland.  But she was like Hermanas we are going to be late.  Because PYC starts at 6:30 and traffic was soooo bad.  So we started praying so hard that by some miracle they would make it for at least some of the speakers.  We really knew this would help Jose.  I seriously never stopped praying. well at 6:31 guess who walks in the door?  FREIDELL, JUAN CARLOS, AND JOSE. they made it on time!!!!!!! I still have NO IDEA how that happened.  I fully believe that God sped up traffic just for Jose to make it.  Next miracle.  We have been trying to get Sergio to speak at pyc for months.  He's a recent convert for over a year now and still has never spoke because hes too nervous.  He told us that if he arrived he would speak today.  so we told them.  But then the meeting started and they still werent here.  i was praying so hard for him to get there,  because i knew he needed this. adn i knew it would be good for jose too.  Well during the last speaker, he arrived! but he texted us and was like I'm too nervous... going with my promptings.. I knew just this once we had to push them.  We texted the zls saying we were good to go. During that whole last talk I was praying so hard that Sergio wouldn't be mad at me and that he would have peace washed over him and be able to give his testimony.  the conductor stood up and announced that we would have one more speaker.  Sergio gave me a pretty scared look.. but then he stood up and gave the most beautiful testimony.  He thanked me after for pushing him, because he never would've done it if I didn't.(:  The final miracle was that after the meeting we were able to go over to the Visitors Center and give Jose a tour.  He loved it.  When we watched the Christus, he cried!!! He is so great.  We will hopefully set a baptismal date with him soon.  Because he is so prepared.  He is definitely getting baptized.  

Yep.   That was my day yesterday! See what I mean by the most amazing/stressful day of my mission? Also, to top it off, I got to see a bunch of people from Concord again.  Also, I saw Hermana Arellano who was visiting the mission!!!    So that is always great. (:

Anyway, the rest of my week was good! Exchanges last week.  One in the Tongan area with sister Kaufana.  Then the next in the Samoan area in SF with sister Leuluaiailii.  Both so great!!! The Samoan area is awesome.  Well, its interesting. hahaha. But I met some of the greatest members!!! It was a really good day.

I love you all!! thank you so much for all you do.  Have a great week!! 

Pictures:  1 This is just one of the pictures from yesterday,  with Vilma and Olga and Hna Arellano!! #iloveconcord.  the rest are on her phone, hopefully she sends them to me soon then i will send them to you. (:

2. I ATE SUSHI THIS WEEK. dad are you proud!? It is hna vargas favorite so we went on her last day.  it was like real sushi. it was actually really good!! I ate it all. 

3.  Last p day together.. yes. we bought balloons. hahahahaa. 

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