Monday, May 4, 2015

Trio for life (:

Hey good news everyone! Well actually I guess it's kind of sad news too in some ways but it's good!! We got a call from President on my birthday telling us that Hermana Vargas' trainee actually isn't coming till the transfer, june 3rd.  So we get to be in a trio the whole transfer!!! just covering san mateo though. The elders are taking her area over.  So we have a lot of fun together.  It's a little weird because like Hermana Vargas can't go to some of our meetings that we have as Sister training leaders.. So we have to drop her off with other missionaries.  It's super weird and feels like we are dropping off our child for the day or something. (: haha. but I am so happy because I love my companions! So it's fun that we all get to stay together.(:

My birthday went sooo well!! it was so fun!!! We had family home evening with the ward that night and watched meet the Mormons.  And guess what! they came out at the end with a cake for me!! it was soo fun.  I have the best ward.   I am so grateful for them.(:  Mike was the one who thought of it, and with the help of alex, freidell, and michelle, they made it happen. ah. they are the best.

Then Wednesday I ate at the rodriguez, and they gave me another cake!! and a balloon!! they are the best aswell. really, I feel so loved. Our members really do take care of us. (:

We had two exchanges this week! The first I was with Sister Wang.  She is from Taiwan!! she came to our area.  it was really fun to learn Chinese from her. (: Caleb be ready, I will try and speak Chinese to you on Skype.  Then Sister Tu'ata'ane came to our area for another exchange.  She is from Tonga.  I also had fun with her.  (:

This week we met a guy from turkey who after introducing ourselves yells "I LOVE MORMONS." hahahha it was so funny.  but he's also convinced it is too late to be one.. uh okay.

Also, while driving in SAN FRANCISCO, we saw a young man pick up a piece of trash.  Seriously it was such a miracle and made me so happy.  It also gave me hope for the people of SF. hahah.

The Baileys are leaving on Wednesday:( soo sad.  I will miss them so much!! the ward threw them a farewell party on Friday. It was really nice.

The only other thing I have to write about is Jose! our new investigator!!! do you remember when I told you about him ? how he randomly came to church? well he came again last week, and then finally on Saturday we were able to meet with him.  HE IS SO PREPARED!!!! It's crazy!! We had an awesome lesson with him and he basically told us that he has no doubts.  He said that hearing our testimonies alone he knows that this church is true.  But that he still wants to know for himself so he is going to read and pray.  He also was like "oh so this book of Mormon is actually just evidence of Joseph Smith.  If you were to tell me about Joseph Smith alone I wouldn't believe you.. but the fact that this book is right here, it's evidence of him and I know it's true. "  um what? okay yeah.  that's how awesome he is.  He came to church yesterday and told us that he is finding the peace he is looking for in our church.  he was like "ya voy! quiero aprender mas!"  which means like im coming I want to learn! I want to progress in your church.  it was sooo awesome.  I am so grateful for this miracle that has come into our lives.

haha it was really funny because in the lesson we had with Jose, Angel and Sergio were there.  And they were both realllly impressed with how prepared Jose is.  So Angel leans over and was like can I ask you a question? How were you even found? Jose was like "oh I just came to church one day" and Angle just starts DYING laughing. hahaha it was so funny. But really, with things like this, I just laugh too because it's so crazy that huge miracles like this happen.  The Lord has a plan everyone.

That was my week!! It was super crazy, but so good.  we also met a bunch of awesome potentials this past week and have set appointments with thm this week! We also have a set appointment with the Zabala's, who we haven't seen in a while.  So be ready.  this week will be great. (:

Cuidense todos!! les quiero mucho!!(:

Hermana Stokes

me and my cakes. (: and my comps.(:

 On Exchanges with Hermanas Vargas and Wang

On Exchanges with Hermanas Vargas and Tu'ata'ane

Misty Cefalo came back and visited.  Here are some of her pics she sent me.

My District

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