Monday, March 2, 2015

I don't get it.. I'm so tired.. but I'm just like happy. all the time.

Hi everyone!!!

So this week was great!!! I went on 3 more exchanges.  We did a back to back exchange this week, and I left for both of those.  So yeah this week I went with sister Larsen from Billings Montana to China town! the san fran Chinese ward.  man it was so fun!  I learned some Chinese(:  and got some weird Chinese food.. and met some awesome Chinese people.  Also, we were in the city on bus.  man I talked to soo many cool people that day!! being on bus in the city is sooo tiring.  We walked so much. haha but it was good for me.  the city has the weirdest people. but it was fun to talk to them all.(:  Then that same night, we started another exchange.  So I went to san Bruno with sister kaufana again.  again, on bus.  So I was on bus/foot for two days straight... man I respect missionaries who don't have cars.  because I really missed my car. haha but it was a fun adventure.  then Friday night we started another exchange.  I was with sister Mong Yen from TAHITI! okay probably the coolest so far. haha her first language is French.  We were in our area, so I also learned that she knows some Spanish! man she is awesome.  so funny.  And She taught me some French so that's always fun.  I think that's gonna be the next language I learn.(: 

But yeah, between the 3 exchanges this past week.. actually the 9 exchanges this past transfer.. and the two days on bus.. and the missionary life... I am EXHAUSTED.  I actually don't think I've ever been this tired before.  But I just love life.  I love the mission so much and I really don't want it to end.  Life is so great.(:

Other than that, I don't really know what to say.  We split the el camino b area this week so that the elders can cover part of that.  I'm okay with it because it was hard covering such a big area... but at the same time im really sadl. because those are my people that me and sister Hilton covered! we still have people like Armando and eliazar though so that's good. but not Minnie:( ah but it's okay.  I can still see most of them at church.(:

Yesterday was JoAnne's baptism!! it went so well! and Armando came! he didn't come to church.. but at least he made it to the baptism.  It was soo great. The spirit was so strong.  It was so cute, we went in the bathroom to help her after and she goes.. sisters.. was it supposed to be that fast?  did that just happen? I think she was kind of in shock of what just happened, a day she had been waitin gfor for ever.  so she just hugged us and was like im clean!  it was sooo cute.  I love her so much.(: she is so strong.  such an inspiration.

Every week I see more and more people at church!! On my mission one of my favorite things has become working with less actives, and seeing them reconvert.  The romeros are less actives we just started teaching.  Me and Hermana Orantes have made it our goal to get their three boys active so they can prepare to serve missions when the time comes.  Their whole family came this past Sunday! the boys passed the sacrament.  The biggest miracle was that even the dad, who is pretty hard came. I was so happy and excited!! miracles.  I love this gospel.

So that was my week.  Sorry, I'm not going to be on as long today so sorry if I don't reply personally to you.  Me and my comp are gonna go to the city.(:

Love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Stokes

pictures.. exchanges! me and sister Larsen, then me and my comp with sister mong yen and sister putong. then me and my comp with joanne!!

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