Monday, March 23, 2015

Fasting brings miracles.

Hi everyone!

This was a good week.

Um... I can't really remember what happened though.  I think my memory is getting worst. I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night.(: hahahha just kidding.  But I do remember that I went on two exchanges this week! the first was with sister vejnar again! that was fun. Then the second was with sister Putong.. but this time in her area! The golden gate ward!! so down town sf.  Oh my goodness it was soo fun.  I just love all the interesting people in the city!  I always have the greatest experiences.  My experience with that exchange was.. I chased down a bus.  hahah sister putong was like uh sister? that's our bus.  and we just started sprinting. hahaha then the bus took off but luckily it stopped at a red light so we caught up to it and banged on the door. it was soo funny.  I was like okay check that off my bucket list. 

This week we also had zone conference! Me and my companion had to do a training for breakout session.  Which means we do the same training for 4 different groups.  So we just repeat ourselves for 2 hours 4 times.(: haha it was fun though, people seemed to like it.  Zone conference was actually really good.  I learned a lot of things.  It's always great hearing from President Meredith.  He is the best.(: 

Also, we had Porque Yo Creo last night! So good.  Sandy Diaz spoke!! and Robert came!! ahh we were so happy! they are the best. She did so well.  Also, I played the piano for the musical number. ha that was fun.(:  sadly.. no one from concord really came:( I was really sad about that. I miss them all. but Pablo and carlos pena were there! and roger cortez! so at least I got to see some(: and it was fun to see Hermana Hilton too. I miss her(: she's the only companion I have left in the mission! haha. so funny. 

Okay and now for the good stuff.. we saw some great amazing miracles this week!!! So we have had troubles finding lately.  We have really for a long time been praying specifically to find a family of 4.  Well it wasn't happening. So last Saturday we said okay this Monday we are going to fast for them.  Wellll Sunday night, before we even start the fast.. Sergio, an awesome recent convert who is also the assistant ward mission leader, called us telling us about a family he knows that is maybe interested.  but he wasn't sure yet.  anyway, so Monday we fast.  and here is the best part... when we ended our fast.. I kid you not the second I said "amen", we received a text from Sergio with their information! A MEMBER REFERRAL FOR A FAMILY OF 4!!!!!  Oh my goodness we were so excited.  We ended up meeting with them twice this week and they are awesome!! so they are our new investigators!!! Maria, Miguel, and their kids Alexis and Katharine.  They aren't married.. but they've been together 20 years so that won't be hard to fix. ahh but we are so excited!! oh and even cooler! Maria is aunt to the elders investigator who is getting baptized this Thursday!! ahh so awesome.  They are a miracle family.  I can't wait to see them get baptized one day.(:

So yeah, moral of the story.. fasting works.  We also added an investigator named Perla this week.  The Lord really has been helping us out this week. It was a week full of miracles. (:  I love this work so much. The mission is the best!!! Thanks for all reading my emails.  I love you all! have a great week.(:

Love, Hermana Stokes 

me and sister putong at zc! I love her.

So this is me and my companion. you can see the resemblance right? 

one of the members in the golden gate ward.. this is their front yard. the marina and the bridge. what the. some peoples lives just blow my mind.

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