Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm killing another.

Hey everyone!!

This week was great! We had transfer call!! ME AND HERMANA ORANTES ARE STAYING!!!!! I am sooo happy. we screamed when we got the call. We really didn't want to get separated.  We love each other(: ha So this means though that I will be killing my second person.. she goes home at the end of this transfer.  But I am so excited to be with her for 6 more weeks.  We have a lot of work to do in this area.  Plus! She will be the first comp since sister cefalo that i will keep for more than a transfer(: really excited about that.

WE had a great week though.  We had MLC, so that's always great.  I saw sister Cefalo there! she goes home on Wednesday.. so we had to say goodbye.  So sad:( but it's good for her.(:  

This week we found some more less actives!!! So awesome.  We love teaching them.  We are currently making plans on helping them all come back to church.(:  I really hope they do.  So many have been lately.(:

Okay but here is the miracle of the week.  

Yesterday, we were just sitting in sacrament meeting.. when Hermana McQueen walks into church and waves us over.. to meet this family... well this women walks up to me and says "hola. soy maria. y me quiero bautizar."  Which means hi im maria and i want to get baptized.  You should've seen my face.. I was like what? hahaha. but yeah she learned about our church in LA 15 years ago.. and this past week she decided she wanted to join, so she looked up our church on the internet and came where hermana mcqueen found her and brought her in.  She lives in the elders area.. so they will be teaching her.  But it was still sooo cool to witness that amazing miracle.  It is amazing that there really are amazing prepared people out there.  Me and Hermana Orantes are excited to find ours.(:

Yep.. that is about it.  This was a great week.(:  Life is great!  I love the area, I love my companion, and i love my mission.(:

Love you all! have a great week!

PS... last monday san fran was grreat!!! we almost left the mission..... hahahaha no really.. we thoguht we missed the last exit before the golden gate bridge... we were freaking out!!! but we made it. we didnt miss the last exit. and we saw the gg bridge! so fun.(: haha gotta love being obedient.(:

Hermana Stokes

Pics from our Zone Activity

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