Monday, March 30, 2015


Dear friends and family! hi!

Okay soo really all I have to talk about today is the Zabala's.  They are amazing!!!  They are the family that we added last week to our teaching pool.  They are the most amazing investigators and are progressing so quickly!! Oh my we saw soo many miracles this week!! So Wednesday we called Maria, the mom, and asked if she wanted to go to the baptism the next day who happened to be of her niece Ingrid.  She said yes!! we were so excited. But knowing the people here.. and past experiences,.. I really wasn't sure if she would.  I kept praying and praying that they would all day Thursday.  Because I was on an exchange and I just wanted it all to work out.  But then sure enough, as we were on our way to their house so they could follow us to the church.. she texts us and says "Hermanas what do I wear?"  Oh my goodness I was so excited!! they were coming!! so we went and all 4 of them were at their door ready to go.  The kids especially were so excited to go to church.  We went to the baptism and it went so great.  Actually, it was the best baptismal service I've ever been to.  There were sooo many non members there, and the spirit was so strong.  They LOVED it.  and left saying they were so excited for church on Sunday.  Well then Friday we went and taught them and it was such an awesome lesson.  We invited them to be baptized.. They didn't accept a date right now but they did say that they will be baptized when they come to know these things are true!! ahh they are so amazing.  And when Miguel, the dad, was out of the room, maria told us she can already see a huge change in him and that she really likes it.  They also all told us they really see a change in Ingrid and want that for them.  SO AMAZING.  They are so prepared!!! and then yesterday, THEY CAME TO CHURH!!!! actually with the elders investigators too, we had TWO NON MEMBER FAMILIES AT CHURCH.  For the US, or at least for this mission, that is crazy.  And such a miracle.  We were all so happy! and they loved church! especially the kids!! they came out of primary telling us all about how they leanred about the wiseman and the foolishman.  They are the best family ever.  Honestly, every time I leave after being with them, I am just in awe because I don't understand how such a huge miracle can be happening.  After we have been praying for a family of 4 for so long.  It just reminds me that this  is the Lords work, and he really can prepare people.  I love being a missionary so much.

Other things that happened this week.. SANDY WENT THROUGH THE TEMPLE!!!! Oh my goodness I have never seen her so happy.  She had us over for dinner yesterday to celebrate (first time having hamburgers in so long, I was a happy girl...).  But yeah she is just glowing.  Ah I am so proud of her. (:

Also, I went on three exchanges! the first two were in my are, the first with sister Fernandez! She is from the Philippines, and Is soo awesome.  So sweet! I love her.  The second was with Sister Pulu again.  I love her so much.  And the third, I went to SF Spanish again but this time with Sister Vargas from El Salvador.  It was great!  Being in the city is always a great experience.  I woke up that morning to a man screaming outside.  Yeah.. idk what was going on.  hahah. #thecity.  We also ate at a supppper rich house that night.  It was probably the nicest house I've ever been in.  So crazy.  But yeah! good exchanges this week!!

That's it!! I really just love it here.  I hope you are all doing well! I love you all!

Sister Stokes

Here is the Sanchez family.

They fed us pupusas and they loved it because we ate them with our hands like you are supposed to.

Women's Conference with the San Mateo Ward.  It was wonderful to be there with these wonderful sisters.

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