Monday, June 1, 2015

For the field is white already to harvest

Okay so I have tons to tell you.

First off I forgot to tell you about the food I ate on my tongan exchange last week!!!  I ATE HORSE. AND LAMB. AND RAW FISH. AND I DONT EVEN REMEMBER WHAT ELSE. The only thing I liked out of all of that was horse.  Yes, I know, it sounds weird.. but it tastes like beef and its soooo good. hahaha.

Also, this week for district meeting Sister Thao made us a Hmong dessert!! It was actually really good.  It had the little ball things in it like you can get at slurp or swig in Utah.(:

I love how many cultures I have come to know on my mission(:

This week was sooo much better than last!! It was soo good! 

TRANSFERS: I AM STAYING IN EL CAMINO WITH HERMANA HOUSLEY!!!!! woooo 6 transfers in El Camino!!! In other words, by the end of this transfer I will have been here for almost 9 months. (: hahaha crazy!! I am so excited though!! I can feel it, it's going to be my best transfer here. 

We had a rough start, the first three days.. all but one of our set lessons cancelled again.  We were really sad about it, but we prayed lot and realized the only thing we could do is keep working.  So we even made a "recipe for success" list with goals, and just kept working hard.  Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we had 2 lessons each day.  And Sunday we had another lesson!! We were so happy and so grateful.  This really is the Lord's work everyone.  

Some miracles with that, We added a new investigator!!! His name is Julio and he is 17.  We went over to teach our focus 15 family, the Romeros, and they have 3 sons.  Well the oldest son's best friend is Julio.  Julio has come to church with them a few times.  He told us he wants to learn more and that he has never felt this close to God before.  He has never even been to church till now with the Romeros.  So we taught him and added him as an investigator!!! Daniel, his best friend is so awesome with him.  He bore testimony on him how being baptized is the best because you have the Holy Ghost with you to help you at all times.  um amazing!! He is such a good member missionary, bringing his friend to church! Hopefully we set a baptismal date soon.

Next big miracle... JOSE HAS A BAPTISM DATE!!!!!!!!! June 27th.  He is so solid.  He has not missed a Sunday since he started coming.  And he is best friends with Angel and Sergio.  They are the best fellowshippers.  They are so good with him! But yeah, we had an amazing lesson on Friday with him with our member Hermana Molina.  She was so awesome, and ended up sharing a scripture that his Jose with the spirit really hard. Jose laughed and looked up and said thank you God.  The spirit was so strong, and shortly after that he accepted a baptismal date.  He really is converting to this gospel.  We still have a lot to teach him but I know it will all work out.  I am so excited.  

Wow, this week was so good.  I was sitting there during church, thinking about Jose, Julio, and others that we have been helping.  I was feeling sooo much joy just thinking about them.  It's like in Alma, when he talks about the joy they feel after bringing people to Christ.  It's a joy you cannot feel anywhere else.  I am so grateful to be here and to experience these people's conversion.  I LOVE THIS GOSPEL.

I found out about Elder Perry yesterday and was so sad.  But isn't it so great to know that he is in a good place? I love the plan of salvation.

Bishop taught the lesson yesterday and he used a really cool analogy I want to share with you guys.  He told a story.  He was playing soccer and his teammate was running on the left side of the field with the ball, and bishop could see that he was going to win the person chasing him.  Bishop knew in that moment that he needed to be at the goal to get the ball in, so that his teammate could cross him the ball and they could score.  So bishop just took off running towards the goal.  He knew that his teammate was good enough of a player that he could cross the ball perfectly to him.  And sure enough, the teammate crossed the ball to him, and bishop said that in the middle of his stride, the ball hit his foot, and went in the goal.  Bishop didn't have to do anything.  He literally just ran to where his teammate needed him to be, and was there for the ball to bounce off of him.  He didn't have to swing his leg or anything.  He didn't need skill, he just needed to be there.  Well that is how we are with Christ.  Christ is going to do all the work, he is the one with the skill and power.  But we need to do our part.  We need to run as fast as we can, being diligent, so that we can be at the goal when he needs us to.  Then he will pass us the ball, and we can make it in.  He has already done all the work.  But he asks us to go where he needs us, and be a instrument in his hands.  

I really love this analogy, I hope it makes sense to all of you.  Christ has done everything.  We just need to follow him.  I love you all so much! I know this church is true.  

Love, Hermana Stokes

pics: 1. Last district picture!!!!! we are changing a lot.  Elder Wallace is going to Hayward, Sister Fernandez going home, and sister thao to Martinez!! We are getting Elders in the sisters area.. so we will now be a district of 4 elders 2 sisters. fun.!
2. we just thought this sign was funny.
3. random picture of me. I'm planning on cutting my hair next week.. was going to do it today, that's why we took this picture. no worries, im just trimming it.. haha I love my long hair.(:

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