Monday, June 8, 2015

Hot Cheetos

Ok first, there really is no reason I named the email that. it's just because I didn't know what to put, and I'm craving hot Cheetos.

This week was good!!! Our area is doing really well right now. 

Yesterday Dora Asmat came to church!!!! she is a less active we have been visiting here and there for a while.  And she attends a different church... but she came yesterday!!!! the biggest miracle ever.  I was so excited. 

Next... two people in our ward are dating right now.  Actually, two of my favorite people in the ward.  Sergio and Aracely. I am soo excited for them. hahah when he told me and my companion we were freaking out.  So yeah, just wanted to share that exciting news with you. (:

JULIO IS AWESOME. DANIEL TOO. we had another lesson with them!!! they are sooo awesome. seriously... We were teaching Julio and he was like oh yeah I remember learning about this in Sunday School once!  And then we were talking about the book of Mormon and he was like oh yeah Daniel gave me one and we read some together already. RIGHTEOUS. Seriously, he is so prepared because of all the member missionary work his best friend has done with him.  We don't have a baptism date for him yet because we need to make sure this is okay with his parents.  But during the lesson he asked "when I get baptized, can Daniel baptize me?"  We were like yes he can and will. AH so awesome.

next.. we went to Oakland this week to drop off sister lin... because TEMPLE SQUARE TOOK 4 OF OUR MISSIONARIES. rude huh!? it's okay. they gave us 4 too. but they needed more Chinese sisters so since we have so many they called us.  they will only be gone for 3 transfers.  but its so sad!!! so weird too.. I can't even imagine getting a transfer call telling me im moving missions?!!? crazyyyyy. yeah. anyway, theres some mission news for you.  Sister Lin was excited though! she will do great.

Okay I have one more thing to discuss.  Now this is important.  Jose.  He is soo awesome.  We met with him 3 times this past week!!! And he reads, and he comes to church, and he even still has a baptism date.   But one problem.. He doesn't understand that there is only ONE true church.  Like, he is going to 2 churches right now, and doesn't see a problem with it.  He is willing to commit to both.  We had a lesson fully dedicated to this, we taught about Joseph Smtih, and how even when his family was going to two churches, he chose to find only ONE true church.  We talked about how the problem with going to two churches is because there are contradicting doctrines... And so if you want to make it back to God, and there are two ways to do it, you can only choose one way.  But after this whole lesson he just says "I guess what you are trying to say, but for me, I really think it's find for me to go to two churches.  I want more God in my life and I like both churches. "

So What I need help with is this.  One, I need help understanding him.  Because I really don't even understand how someone could think this, and I think it might help me first if I understand him.  Second, any ideas on how to help him understand that you have to choose one?  He has no doubts about our church.. but no doubts about his church too.  I don't want to try to prove to him that our church is true, or that his church is wrong.  What I want is help getting him to understand the concept of choosing one church.  Then once he understands that, we can get him to pray to find out which one is true.  It's getting over the first hump that worries me.

Any ideas are appreciated!! I've been praying tons and fasted for it yesterday.  So I know we will figure it out.  But we are at a loss right now.

Thank you so much!! I love you all.  Have a great day.  I love missionary work. you should try it.

Hermana Stokes

ps.  I cut my hair. just 4 inches. but it feels sooo short. its still super long though. pictures next week of that. (:

pics: 1. we went and got fish n chips for district activity last Monday.. all for elder Wallace.  #sobritish.

2&3. we drove through the CITY to take sister lin to Oakland!! I had never been in the business part of the city before, so it was really cool to see. 

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