Monday, June 29, 2015

Reunions (:

So this week was great!!!! Nothing really special happened until Sunday.
except we did go on exchanges.  I had exchanges with sister heufner from logan Utah first! That was fun. I like her.(: then I went with sister Wang to Chinese land!! so fun. I love the Chinese people.  we taught English class!! that was cool.  they have English class in china town. so I went to china town for my first time! It was fun! hahaha. people in san fran are crazy. which reminds me.. I forgot to tell you all!  you should've been here when the warriors won last week. ahaha everyone was going crazy! there were fireworks. it was fun.(:
But Sunday was so great!!! because..

1. we had 3 investigators at church!!!!!!! Jose, Julio, and ROBERT!!! yeah it was a good day.(:
2. HERMANA ORANTES AND HER FAMILY ARE HERE VISITING. so I sat by her all of church and it was so great because it was like we were compis again.(:  I love her and I love her family!!! It has been fun to talk to them a little.  I actually have seen her a lot since she's been here. And I'll see her again at FHE tonight. I love it.(:
3. we have porque yo creo!!!!! which you all know.. is my favorite.  Antonia, our returning less active spoke! So that was great!! Also, I got to see a lot of people from concord!! President Cortez and his family, the sanchez family, carlos and carlitos... it was so great! They all told me how much they love me and that they want me to come back. I promised them I will visit after my mission(: ah I love reunions!!!

So yeah.. wow it's short this week sorry. Also.. President Meredith is now gone. that's weird. we get to meet our new president on Wednesday!!!

love you all!!! the mission is the best. you should try it. have a great week(:

pictures: 1. Okay this is for my grandma and grandpa stokes, and also my old roommate Abby Brinton.  SMALL WORLD.  So this is elder and sister jones.  They are a senior couple serving in my zones right now!! And turns out that Elder Jones served with Grandpa Stokes in New York.  And then... a few years after grandma and grandpa stokes were mission presidents in Wisconsin.. Elder and Sister Jones got sent there! Where.. they were mission presidents to my old roommate Abby!!! SO CRAZY. so yeah this picture is for all of you to see that I know them.(:
2. I ATE PAELLA. for the first time in forever!!! Dad remember? you always used to make this for us? idk if that's how you spell it. but yeah! Angel and Sergio took us to a Peruvian restaurant. and they had paella there! Good job dad because this paella tasted exactly like yours. that means you make it as good as the restaurants. (: it was the best, I loved it.

3. selfie after dinner with our favorite people.(: angel and Sergio.

1. me and my compi Giselle! haha weird calling her that...
2. Me and Carlos and Carlos!! I love them.
3. Me and Joselyn and Carmen Cortez! They are from concord and I missed them(:

more pictures will come next week.. I have to get pictures from orantes.. (: 

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