Monday, June 22, 2015

Jose and Julio and farewell to President

Okay so yeah I just have to update you a lot on Jose and Julio today. But I will do the other things first. 

We had zone conference this past week!! President's last:(((  Oh my goodness I love President and Sister Meredith so much.  At the end of the conference, we took pictures with him and all got to personally say goodbye.  It was depressing. I cried.  But it's okay, because I know everything is inspired and I know that I will love our new mission president, President Frandsen.

Last week on P day we played sand volleyball.. it was the first time I had played since I broke my thumb.. which was a year ago. No worries, I didn't break anything. Ha it was so fun.(:

We had two exchanges this week! The first I was with Sister Rounds from Logan, Utah.  She is in the Samoan program and this is her second transfer.  It was fun to see her progression. (:  I love samoan's.  Then sister Blood came to be with me in my area. We had fun together too. (: 

Okay.. now Jose.  So, we dropped his baptism date.  But no worries!  I have so much faith, I know he will get baptized. He just isn't ready yet.. he is really frusterated because he is praying tons but hasn't received an answer.  We all fasted together Saturday, ever since then he's doing a lot better.  So we still have a lot to work on, but I know he will get his answer soon.  He is still so awesome!!!! He is going to be the strongest member ever.  But really.

Julio.. we also had to drop his date.  He is still so awesome and loves the church.. but his parents said no:(  I have another Carlitos situation.  we haven't seen Julio since this happened, but hes pretty down about this all.  We plan on giving him a boost.  (:  I know everything will be okay. He's 17, so if all else fails it's not that long to have to wait till 18.  But it's so sad.  He texted us and was like "hermanas, I really do believe in the Mormon church." :((( ahh I'm so sad! I wish his parents would just give it a chance.  We plan on praying lots though.  I think they will change their mind. (:

Yep so that's it! We found a new investigator this week! Excited about that.  A lot is happening.. it's already the end of June and July is going to FLY. ah life is crazy.  I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all!!

Hermana Stokes

Pics: me and President and Sister Meredith. I already miss them!
2. selfie with Sergio. haha hes our best friend. we love him.

3. we also love angel. these two really are the best. (:

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