Monday, June 15, 2015

Sun Burn. (:

Thank you so much for all your responses!! I haven't read them all yet but I will update you on Jose.  He is doing so great.  Actually, he really is progressing.  We taught him a lesson this week and during it I realized that there isn't much we can do to tell him to choose one church.  What I realized is that we just need to work on helping him convert to this church, and once he does that, the Lord will take care of the rest.  Actually, he will take care of the conversion too so as you can see it's really all in the Lord's hands.  So we have plans to keep doing all that we can do, and to trust Heavenly Father's plan for him.  If he is supposed to get baptized June 27th, he will.  If not, I know he will get baptized one day.  Not one doubt in my mind. But right now I still have faith for the 27th. (:  He really does love this gospel.  He LOVES reading the scriptures.  he reads all his assignments 2+times.  it's amazing. Then he calls us and asks for another chapter.  This week we taught him about fasting and he is going to fast this week to see if this is the true church.  We are praying a lot and we really have faith in this fast, we know it will help him if he goes in with true desires.

also... JULIO HAS A BAPTISM DATE!!!! Oh my gosh we had the most amazing lesson with him.  It was actually during an exchange, I was with Hermana Abernethy, (hna vargas trainee) and we taught lesson 2.  We were talking about life on earth when Julio asks "what do I have to do to get baptized, just repent? how do I do that?"  we answered his question and then we asked if he wants to be baptized.  He smiled and said yes and we asked why and he answered. "When I go to my other church I don't feel the spirit. And I don't even know why I am there.  But in this church I feel the spirit. And I know why I go.  I feel like I have a purpose there. "  !!!! sooo amazing.  oh my goodness.  He really is excited and even though he has a lot more to learn, he asked to get baptized on june 28th!!!! so we have plans to teach him a lot these next two weeks.  He is very excited for his best friend to baptize him.  MIRACLES.  Julio is so prepared.

Yeah so we had 2 exchanges with week! the first with hna abernethy.. she is so awesome. Actually, we have so much in common.  It was really funny.  It starts out that she is from Alpine.. and it keeps going as far as our favorite foods. I love her and really enjoyed Thursday with her. (: The other exchange I went to tongan area with sister Lile from tonga.  It was really fun!! It was also really hot.. and they don't have a car.  Yeah actually San Mateo turned out to be a lot hotter in the summer than I expected... 90's every day.  so still not as bad as the other side.. but hot. sooo in result.. after walking all day with sister lile in the sun.. my neck is sooo sun burnt.  (: haha its funny, I never thought I would get sunburnt on my mission since there is no swimming. (: But it did. it's all good though. I was really excited.  Although, we don't have A/C.  IT IS SO HOT ALL THE TIME.  which isn't too bad because at least it cools down at night so we can open the window.. and we aren't home much during the day.  But for weekly planning, when we are home all day planning.. it turned out to be the worst ever. so hot. thank goodness for our fan. yep. I already am excited for winter. (:

Love you all!! have a great week!! the church is true.

Hermana Stokes

pics:1. Hna Hilton is now STL in brentwood!!! so I saw her at MLC.  I love her so much!!
2. Me and my comp at MLC. (:

3. I got a Lei while I was in the tongan program on Saturday. I was excited. (:  

Selfie time (:

Exchanges with Hermana Abernathy

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